Advantages of Internet

The adoption of the internet by Dirt Bikes’ management is essential for its growth and expansion. This means of communication allows the workforce to interact both inside and outside the organization. Through this process, they obtain information that is essential for the enhancement of the motorcycle industry. Therefore, the varied internet tools will ensure that the organization reaches its objectives. Consequently, it will lead to its rapid growth and expansion.

Initially, the use of internet allows the organization to access the global audience. In this case, the use of the organization website will promote the publicity of the organization on a global platform. This is because the content of the organization is displayed on the website which is available to World Wide Web. As a result, the adoption of internet promotes the publication of information at relatively lower costs. In addition, the organization can enhance the adoption of skills and useful information from other organization.

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When the internet is used by the Dirt Bikes’ organization, it implies that the organization information and products are available twenty-four hours seven days a week. This benefit allows employees of the organization to gain from the continuous communication and access to their clients. In addition, the clients could check for the organization products and services without limitation. Therefore, the performance of the organization based on the employee productivity and marketing will be improved. In this regard, there is no time wastage when conducting business even when resources are not available (Vallele, 2006).

The process of adoption of the internet is relatively inexpensive. When an analysis of the capital costs incurred and the benefits derived, there is a great difference which supports its usage. Initially, the publication of information on the internet is simple and only requires limited expertise which can represent the whole organization. Compared to the traditional methods, the organization can distribute vital information regarding its performance and services to multiple users in the globe.

Similarly, since the organization is a profit-making organization, it must use the internet to generate profits. In this regard, the internet provides a good means of advertising its products and services. This implies that the World Wide Web provides a good platform for organizations to market their products and services. Additionally, through this means, the organization can be able to compete on the same par with its rivals. Thus, the consumers will be able to access the nature of products they desire to purchase in their convenient time thoroughly before finally setting on their choices. Some of the vital resources provided by the internet such as text and multimedia capabilities enable customers to evaluate critically their choices. In this case, they could use images, audio file, or video to review their products of choice. Furthermore, those clients wishing to access in-depth details of the products could download the products specifications and samples offered in the website of the organization (Vallele, 2006).

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After the clients have adequately accessed the products they desire, they could check for the published catalogs available on the internet. This is because the World Wide Web allows the organization to publish and distribute the product catalogs. Considering this benefit, it is one of the simplest and the most economical methods compared to the traditional methods. Since the World Wide Web provides the organization with the flexibility of publishing and distributing catalogs to multiple users, they can save huge capital for further reinvestment. Similarly, the clients on a convenient time will access the catalog with the latest updates of the organization.

During the conduct of market survey, the internet provides the most flexible and cost-effective method to conduct the activity. Moreover, online surveys are very fast and provide high accuracy levels compared to the traditional patterns. Through the collection of numerous emails of clients of the organization, a structure questionnaire could be sent to them where they can respond at their own convenient time. On the other hand, the process could be done on a real-time basis for willing respondents who visit the website. Based on this flexibility, data could be collected easily and in an inexpensive manner. For the data analysis and presentation, the organization can automate the whole process leading to minimal resources used and high accuracy. Therefore, the organization will promote the adherence to customers’ opinions and needs in the market.

During the announcement sessions, the internet will provide a common platform to reach many users. Regardless of whether the announcement concerns organization performance, new products or changes in the line of business, the internet is the best hub for the act. In this case, there exists no time lag between the period of information publication and availability to the users. As a result, the organization will be able to communicate on a timely basing and meet the needs of all users (Vallele, 2006). For the shareholders and clients, this form of communication becomes very critical since they can access the organization performance and its new products.

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Another crucial element of the organization that would benefit substantially is the human resource of the organization. In this case, the World Wide Web would provide the human resource management the best chance to source for appropriate expertise. Based on this, they will select the best organization willing and ready to meet the organization objectives. Similarly, the intranet will provide one of the most critical means of employees’ motivation and monitoring by the human resources. In this regard, employees will be able to submit complains and opinions about their jobs which assist the human resource to come up with the best policies for the organization. When evaluating the means of motivating the employees, the human resource could consult with all departments before making any decision enhancing the level of democracy and equity.

Another crucial human resource role is the employee appraisal. In this case, the intranet provides the organization with effective means of assessing their employees through impartial monitoring. Therefore, the outcome of the process would be fair and unbiased. This will instill a spirit of hard work and transparency within all employees in the organization (Vallele, 2006). For the human resource, the outcome of the process will be simple and flexible. Based on the findings, the human resource will be able to recommend the additional training for some employees, conduct promotion, or terminate the contracts of some employees. For this reason, the organization would have effective workforce with the right mentality for organization objectives and goals.

For the manufacturing and production, the intranet would provide a humble chance for enhancement of the technical capabilities. In this regard, internet allows automation of various activities which reduces the amount of labor needed. Similarly, through the use of computer-enhanced technology within the production level, the workers will be able to improve the products quality and quantity. As a result, the production would be high. In addition, the internet enables the production department to focus on research and development through the information available on the internet. Therefore, they would control the market which improves the overall performance of the company.

Internet is the vital technology to adopt in the organization, but there exist other types of tools that the organization need to adopt. In this case, the organization needs to focus on public relation and social corporate responsibility (Vallele, 2006). Through these activities, the organization will boost the relationship that exists between itself and other stakeholders in the industry. Similarly, the focus of the organization on the social responsibility will improve its relationship with the external environment. As a result, their reputation will be enhanced. Generally, this will lead to the increase in sales. Consequently, it leads to its rapid growth and expansion.

In spite of the multiple benefits attributed to internet, an organization is exposed to multiple risks over the internet. In this regard, the organization is exposed to security threats and stiff competition from its rivals. The provision of information over the internet gives the crackers and hackers a chance to manipulate or destroy information of the organization. As a result, the information could be lost or tampered with affecting the reputation of the organization. This implies that internet does not provide with certainty all the security required.

Another crucial element is the level of competition in the internet. Since the internet provides all organizations a common platform, the organization will be exposed to stiff completion that might affect its competitive nature. Additionally, the organization could be able to provide its secretive business ideas which might affect the operation of the organization. Therefore, the organization needs to be cautious when undertaking the process to prevent the dire consequences of the internet (Vallele, 2006).

Meanwhile, the provision of wireless access to employees with regard to employee benefits and effect to the organization is very vital. In this regard, employees will be able to access and provide information at a continuous basis without necessarily sitting in front of their desktops. In spite of the huge capital needed to attain the objective, its benefits outweigh the costs. Therefore, to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization, Dirt Bikes’ organization should make emphasis on the adoption of new technology. As a result, the organization would be able to grow and expand drastically boosting its position in the market.

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