Army of God

God destroys people for three deadly sins: 1) legalized murder (abortion) 2) legalized sodomy 3) legalized witchcraft and blasphemy. I really do not want to let American cities become the Dead Sea, as it is happened with the Palestinian cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Therefore I’ve decided to join the Army of God, which is one of the organizations fighting for the salvation of our people. Every day over 30 thousand children are massacred worldwide, 57% of all pregnancies end in murder, and every second 2 children are killed, leaving the immortal soul without Holy Baptism (http://www.numberofabortions.com). We cannot remain silent! It applies to everyone. There is nowhere to retreat. For the sake of our children, we have to stop this nightmare! I believe that the problem lies in a misunderstanding by some believers of the concept of “humility” because it is often understood as weakness, helplessness, uncertainty, tolerance of sin. Humility is an objective assessment: we know who we are, we know what we’re made of, and we know whose power is in us. Our strength is inseparable from the truth, we know the truth, we have the truth, we have the inner power, which is not ours, but God-given. We do not rely on ourselves, we rely on God. He is always with us, as promised, and His word is stronger than anything on Earth. I have joined the Army of God, as any true believer, and with Lord’s help I will change the world for better.

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What is our target?

We demand full legal prohibition of abortion in our land, and we, of course, with God’s help, will arrange it very soon. Each day we will pray to God and ask Him to stop infanticide. God waits until we ask him to until we realize that this lawlessness is unacceptable to us, and it must be stopped. We must pray as if everything depends on God and act as if everything depends on us. Our Manual says: “Picketing, prayer, sidewalk counseling, prayer, rescue, prayer, covert activity, prayer… all fruits of that true and lively faith our Lord requires of those who would call Him “Lord” (Manual, 3rd Edition). So today we want to declare the problem as loud as possible. Our task is to do anything to destroy it. There can be no compromise because the apostles and thousands of saints began their sermons by destroying the pagan temples, destroying the idols, cutting down the sacred groves of the pagans. They were full of courage, because they relied on God, and crowds of pagans having heard the Good News, received Holy Baptism. The impossible is possible! As the first saints destroyed the idols, we will destroy the laws, which allow abortions, and the clinics, which perform them. As our Manual says, we are in this war not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places (Manual, 3rd Edition).

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Who is our target?

A great problem is that 80% of our country`s population, regardless of nation or religious views, is indeed the opponent of abortion, homosexuality, and other sins, but 10% of the society, who behave very actively and aggressively, is trying to present their opinion as the opinion of the majority (The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, October 5, 2006). Our task is to realize that this is our country, and if today it happened that the Church is separated from the state, it does not mean that it is separated from the society. How long can we remain silent? By silence, our God is betrayed! By their attitude to abortion, promotion of homosexuality desecrated shrines our people choose their future. It can be either Christian and traditional values or it can be anti-Christian liberalism. Therefore, our aim is to influence people in order to show them the true way. Our aim is to eliminate the doctors murdering our children, by any possible and impossible means, with God’s help and needful violence. Our aim is to plant fear in souls of our lawmakers. Our aim is to save the immortal souls of the unborn.

Our methods

In the nearest future thousands of true Christians will send letters demanding to ban abortions to dozens of addresses of our administrative bodies, including the President. We prepare a series of high-profile cases against abortion clinics, which are killing our children. We will gather hundreds of thousands of signatures to ban abortion. We will prepare different activities in schools and health facilities. Centers of major cities will be filled with hundreds of stickers which say that abortion is murder. We will use arsons, bombings, destruction of property of abortion clinics, killing abortion doctors and politicians supporting them. We will organize training centers for like-minded people that will teach the organization and planning of military operations. But this is not enough. We will need the participation of every true Christian. The purpose of the Army of God is a well-trained army, ready to begin the war. This army must consist of disciplined people who are under the benign influence of the Spirit of God and are ready to serve. There will be many victims and blood. “So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it” (Numbers 35:33). But the believers should not be afraid, though, they will have sorrowful days. There will be many sorrows, as many as the Lord allows for purification. We should not be terrified. There will be a surge of piety in America and around the world. Lord will save His people. People will return to Lord. If we have to kill, we will kill in the name of our Lord. But we will not kill the innocent, only those who deserve it. Our aim is not to kill, but to draw attention. If we have to kill, we will do it in public. Those who kill our children must be frightened. They must repent and join us in our Crusade.

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The outcome we seek

In the result of our attacks people will hear our appeal. We, the representatives of the Christian community, in defense of life and family values address all people of Earth with the following appeal. According to the patristic teaching of the Church, human life begins at the moment of conception. This is also the view of modern science. We consider unacceptable the fact that the lives of children in the womb are not protected by law in our country, where more than 76 percent of the population are people baptized in our faith (Kosmin & Keysar, 2009). We urge you to initiate amendments to the Constitution. We urge you to start criminal cases against those, who kill the unborn children. And with God’s help we will succeed!


In order to accomplish our mission we must follow the strict rules of the Army of God Manual. We are a covert organization. Every covert activist must always remember that he or she is a part of a large group. The covert activist (referred to as a “termite”) must make no friends with mentions or confessions of covert activity. The covert activist acts on his/her own. The covert activist knows only two other activists: his/her superior and his/her inferior. Activists do not use phones, email, or direct contact. Activists use public Wi-Fi in public places to communicate and get instructions. Don’t trust anybody.


In the way of resources, we must rely only on ourselves. Financial aid can be traced. For small covert operations we will need cheap equipment, so it will not be a problem. For example, the following things are needed for small annoying actions:

– super glue or liquid nails (squirting super glue into the locks of the killing center might save a life)

– kryptonite bicycle locks (same purpose as above)

– nails (flat tires for the abortionist at his/her place of residence)

– spray (propaganda purposes)

The rest of the equipment can be chosen individually, depending on purposes. More serious operations, however, will require cooperation. Firearms and explosives, for instance, are expensive. In such case our leaders will support activists with needed equipment.


Our organization follows five key strategies: revenge, intimidation, provocation, destruction and forcing up costs. Revenge is applied in order to show the opponents that our organization is strong and can cause considerable damage. Intimidation is used for changing attitudes of those engaged in abortions. Advocates of abortions must understand that we are equally or even more powerful than the government. Provocation is used to encourage the authorities to be cruel, which will allow our organization to attract sympathy and radicalize civilians. Destruction is used to create zones of scorched earth instead of abortion clinics. Forcing up costs is used in the process of negotiations, to force the government accept our demands.

We prefer to act against doctors, politicians, senior police and military officials, prominent businessmen, etc. Civilian casualties must be minimized. This is required, among other things, in order to minimize possible losses within our organization (political, economic, and human resources).

God’s work in our time especially requires executive and able-bodied people willing to serve others as Christ did, with a kind and compassionate heart, common sense and unbiased judgment, carefully weighing all the circumstances before making a justificatory or condemning sentence and not afraid to say a resounding “no” or “yes” or “amen.” It needs people who, having been sanctified by the Spirit of God, are constantly striving to raise and restore the fallen humanity. The information, which is contained in our Manual, is “hard currency in itself, currency to buy time for the babies, currency to ransom them from physical death with the consent and active participation of a system which claims to be “… one Nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all,” – but which in actuality is a nation under the power of Evil – Satan, who prowls about the world seeking the ruin of the souls of mankind….”. Amen.

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