Beauty Pageants Do More Harm Than Good

This assignment shall centralize on how beauty pageant does more harm that good to the participants and mainly children. It shall outline the psychological effect, which it bestows to the participant and the audience and the effects it induces to women’s lives. Beauty Pageant also known as beauty contest is a social activity or a competition where ladies physical beauty, talents, personality, body shape and facial structures will be evaluated and rated to fit the superficial criteria determined by a panel of judges. When the contestants and their parents are preparing to indulge in this form of the contest, they likely believe that there is no harm and expect more outcome from this expedition graced with a beauty crown. However, the implication that surmount to both the participant and the family are astonishing and they have psychological effects that leaves then traumatized. The majority of the young beauty pageants are usually very young and the majority of the decision are made by their mothers or both parents, this usually have negative consequences on the child development. Usually, the effects of beauty pageant in children life appear later in life and has costly effects on family life and also triggers body dissatisfaction as noted by Zaret (1997).

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History of Beauty Pageant

The first beauty pageant recorded to have been from the ancient Greece where princess and daughters of dignitaries are parade so that the prince may choose a suitor from the contenders to marry. The documented first beauty pageant was from a hotel in Atlantic City in 1920 where eight beautiful women competed for the modest of them. However, this competition main agenda was not beauty but to market the hotel (Passmore, 2003). The positive publicity gained from this event commenced the notion of developing more contest of similar ideology. Later in 1923, the first beauty pageant competition was organized and the first finalist of American Pageant was unveiled. Later in 1960s the first Little Miss America pageant was also structured. These embarked on the introduction of children into the beauty pageant into the beauty competition industry. This advancement followed many events that led to the American society negative development such as racism, discrimination and psychological traumas. Through advancement, this activity slowly has crawled even into the curriculum and majority of these activities are tutored as extra curricula in schools (Riverol, 1992).

Purpose of Beauty Pageant

The whole purpose for this event is basically to choose the most assumed outward beauty of the contenders, their personalities and physical structures. However, nowadays this has transformed to be a show of the mighty and the runners-up are perceived ugly. The audiences also are mentally defiled as they try to replicate the models in this contestant and after failing resolve to psychological traumatic periodical behaviors that leaves then either with anorexia or obesity. Usually, the beauty contest are usually also used as fundraisers and for educational purpose (Rhodes, 2006).

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Statement Problem

Beauty pageant a very historical activity that emphasizes the natural beauty of the human race, has been engineered scientifically on and publicized that it makes the whole glory fade and adds negative effects to the contestants and the audience. Through modern development which have included his events in the curricula this has also meant that even small young girls are introduced subconsciously into this craze that sort beauty but eventually taunts and traumatizes the contestants and the audience. The perception that this competition portrays are the basis that many heavyweight women all over the world resent their body and resolves to scientifically tailored beauty through vigorous operations carried out by medical experts. The effects that accompany the victims are heinous and traumatizing in later life.

This assignment aims at finding the bad vices that have engulfed this historic event and turn into a monster that devours the women self esteem leading to severe psychological complication that at some cases results to suicide. This will also centralize on how this event also affects the young contenders and the effect that implicate on their teenage and adult’s lives.

Beauty pageant requirements

According to Cornell and Armstrong (1995) one of the basic requirements of being a contender in the beauty pageant is having a slim and structured beautiful figure and height. The other measurement usually amount to less weight of below 50 kilograms. Psychologist have pointed that this requirement are the number one cause of the implications that are associated with the fatalities that affect the contenders and the audience. This has been articulated that even fashion houses have also corroborated in this madness by making designer dresses that sizes are those of beauty pageant contenders.

These facts have triggered women to force themselves to lose weight forceful through unethical dieting that leads to anorexia. This eating disorder that women develop they assume that not taking solid food but only liquid will enable them attain that model shape their friends or the poster model have. When this fails they lose self esteem and hate their bodies. When looking for solace theyresolve to excessive eating that again generate obesity and tarnish their physical structures that the community view as handicap and naming thus ensues. The models are to be on diet all the time and they are the most venerable to anorexia, this they required to shape up and trim up to that the designer clothing and the desired size by the competition may be achieved. Usually their lives are controlled and majority usually are sexually abused and violated through threats of being left out due to adding weight. Through this sexual favors are very rampant in this industry (Cromie, 2000).

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Beauty Pageant Implication on the Woman and Girl Child

Beauty pageant have been the number one cause of low self esteem among women, this has also been associated with the high rate of eating disorders generated by women and girl child that result to fatalities like suicide. Among the most affected with low self esteem are the young girls, when forced into this competition by their parents and do not win the contest they view themselves and critics from friends as ugly. The child will develop eating habits either to be thinner so that she may recapture the lost glory (Begley, 2009). The definition of beauty by this pageant also affects the women mentality and then they adapt this notion and deem themselves as ugly and worthless resolving to development of low self esteem. Depression thus arise from the realization that the woman or the girl child does not fit in the criteria of a beauty pageant and the result is either bulimic or anorexia in the process of achieving the pageant beauty status.

The contenders parade themselves before the judges. Mostly majority of the judges are usually men. From this perspective women are subjects like objects with the high immorality in the presents world sexual favors are very rampant in this industry as echoed by Nussbaum (1997). Exploitation of the contenders occurs as they pursue the coveted crown. The unjust means many use to attain glory makes them to lose their dignity. Society has been associating this activity with sexual immorality of the highest level. This makes the men in this industry to take advantage and usually the results are sexual violence and abuse. This abuse is also slowly creeping into the homes and breaking many marriages as the men anticipate that they want their spouses to be a particular figure in certain reality show or soap operas.

The outwards look is very much emphasized that majority of the models usually sought medical experts to reconstruct their physical appearance and minimize flaws through plastic surgery. The effects that usually accompany this are tremendous and worth not indulging breast cancer, skin cancer, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and Bowen’s disease. Usually make-ups are also induced even to the little girls pageant that later bring about skin cancer.

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Effects of Beauty Pageant on the society

The beauty pageant contenders have been perceived as role models in the society for comparison. The results are resentment and dissatisfaction that leads to family breakups, depression and other psychological and medical complication when one is not deemed as ideal beautiful. Usually in the society members that are not ideal beautiful are ostracized and this results in racial, sexual harassment and,child abuse. This unwelcoming attitude generated from the programs that expose the ideal beauty and the society embraces this fictional beauty as the outward appearance. However, the society also targets the ideal beautiful members with discrimination and alienation. This happens because of inferiority they believe the best defense mechanism would be through discrimination; they perceive that they have power over the perceived beautiful people (Baker, 1984).

Analysts have articulated that tutors also grade their student based on his/her looks. They have documented that good looking students usually are awarded good grades. This was also revealed in the hospitals where good-looking patients received personalized care from their doctors and nurses are more attentive on them. This goes on to the justice system where good-looking criminals have lighter sentences (Langlois Et Al. 1994). This applies to fiscal appropriation majority of the successful people are good looking and they are likely winners for new tenders. On a good note St. Augustine exemplified that; “beauty is God’s good gift, however, if that good perceive itself as great good, God bestows it so ever to the wicked.”

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No matter how good beauty pageant is the aftermath that engulfs it is very grave and disturbing to both the contenders young and old and the audience. The repercussion and the affliction that accompany this historical event occur because of impersonation by the developers of these activities deeming that they are hyping the occasion. The culprits run around scot-free arranging this madness and introducing it to the curriculum and affecting the girl child without having anyone to come to their aid. The society have embraced this vice and deployed it to the community for getting the moral values that defines beauty and adapting the superficial definition that have corrupting the minds and developed discrimination.

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