Causes and Effects of Road Accidents

Accidents are described as tragic incidents that happen in the human life. Their happenings are so sudden that they cannot be avoided since the incidents are unpredictable. In most cases, they involve at least a single party who leads to the cause of the accident. However, in cases where a car gets involved in an accident without the involvement of another car or external party, it is considered to be caused by careless driving or rather technical failures in the vehicle. This assignment will, therefore, comprise the illustrations of various causes of accidents as well as provide the general effects of these accidents.

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Different causes of the car accidents

Another cause of the car accidents is road faults. Potholes and uneven pavements, which are constructed along the road, are the real cause of these accidents altogether. Drivers have to learn and master where the potholes are on the roads in order to avoid possibilities of any form of accidents. However, strategies of mastering faulty roads are not in any way effective modes of controlling accidents since there are possibilities of new drivers in the area. Roads should, therefore, have signs, which will help the drivers to comprehend the different terrains ahead (Coller, 1969). In this case, the effects of the accident range from serious injuries to death of both the driver as well as the passengers on board. The accidents claiming lives of people affect the functioning of the organizations the victims worked for.

The other cause of car accidents is the bad weather conditions. The bad conditions can be caused by either rain or snow. As much as each and every driver is expected to be prepared for the weather changes, but often drivers are caught unaware and the resultant careless driving causes leads to accidents. The wet, snow covered and icy pavements also act to diminish the car driving safety. It is advisable for vehicles to be driven when their respective headlights are on in order to avoid head-on collisions with the other oncoming vehicles. The effects of the accidents caused as a result of bad weather ranges from serious injuries like loss of blood and perhaps amputation of legs to even more severe effects such as death itself. Death of people may lead to different transformation of the families and broken marriages.

Reckless driving and overspeeding is also a cause for major road accidents. When the stipulated limits are exceeded then the vehicle is termed as overspeeding. It should be noted that within each state there are rules and regulations, which have been established to regulate the speed at which a vehicle can be driven. These speed limits are imposed by the states for safety reasons.

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On the other hand, reckless driving refers to the act of despising the traffic rules and regulations concerning the condition of the car to be driven. The reckless form of driving is characterized by aggressive driving tactics such as the changing of lanes without signaling and overtaking at wrong joints. The effects of reckless driving are also severe and they can lead to the losses of some body parts as well as death (Teina, 2006). The loss of both limbs and hands minimizes the ability of a person to work and in case it was a breadwinner involved in the accident then it ruins the financial stability of families altogether.

All in all, car accidents can be controlled through the use of the strict preventive measures formulated by the states’ traffic departments. However, it is not easy to prevent all the accidents, which occur since others are unavoidable, for instance when trees fall onto moving cars. If there is a failure in the formulation of effective precautions, then it definitely means that accidents involving cars will still remain to be the great cause of the loss of human life. The government is expected to impose strict measures on the rules governing road usage.

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