Communist Threat

Communism is a socio-political society that aims for classless plus stateless people. This system leads to rights advocacy for ways of production, liberated access to utilities, plus the stop of wage, and work. In addition, it dictates personal property in the way of manufacture along with real estate. It is thus the opposite of capitalism. Marxist theory states that collectivism is a particular stage of historical growth that certainly surface from the growth of the dynamic forces that directs to a great abundance of material riches, allowing for provision based on want with social relations founded on freely-allied individuals. The exact description of communism contrasts, also it is often incorrectly, in broad political discourse, utilized inter variably with socialism; though, Marxist theory argues that collectivism exists just as transitional period on the path to communism.

With the exemption of the input of China, Italy and the Soviet Union throughout WW II, communism was observed as a challenger, moreover a threat towards western democracy as well as capitalism for the most part of the twentieth century. This enmity peaked at some stage in Cold War, as the US and the Soviet Union, the world’s two outstanding superpowers, polarize the majority of the globe into two groups of nations. This was branded by the westerners as the liberated World against Behind Iron Curtain.

In 1950, at the start of Cold War, Wisconsin Senator, McCarthy Joseph pointed the finger at 205 Americans labouring in the state-nation Department of persons tag-carrying Marxists (Hollitz 2010). “Red Scare” caused panic among communists in the US and this encouraged McCarthyism, forceful investigations as well as red-baiting, blacklisting, imprisonment and deportation of individuals alleged of following Marxist. Many celebrated actors and authors were sited on the blacklist since 1951 to 1955 and could not be hired (Hollitz 2010). In conclusion, communism can be argued to be a threat to western democracy as it caused enmity and also lead to free enterprise uprising not to mention the involvement of the major super powers. Majorly communism triggered negative reactions with great opposition from the western entities. The peak of this controversy was realized in the root of WW2 in the founding of the allies and the axes.

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