Delmonte Company

The following marketing plan introduces an innovative new brand from Delmonte Company. This analysis will provide a basis for evaluating and listing down the best strategies to be followed for the company to achieve its strategic goals. "Pineapple juice" will be marketed as a suburb natural drink rich in vitamins and energy in an attempt to strengthen the company's position as the leader of natural drinks innovator and successful products launcher. The target market size is 9,688,400 people with a prospected sales growth of 8.4% over the next 5 years while still satisfying the needs of the customers who have not been reached with the natural drink from pineapple fruit (Kaynak & Savitt, 1986). Proper marketing strategies will enable us to achieve the prospected goals. A sizable capture of the market shares will reflect the success of the market plan in carrying high the company as the market leader in the manufacture of fresh natural drinks.

Company description

The Delmonte Company is determined to refresh everyone at its reach with suburb natural drinks prepared from fruits. Delmonte is the worlds leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of natural fruit juices rich in vitamins. Delmonte headquarter is located in Chicago with more than 200 distribution centers in other countries.

Brief description of the new product

"Pineapple juice" will be a bottled drink positioned as the only natural fruit juice ready to drink in the market. The juice will have a pineapple flavor and will bring a totally different drinking experience to the consumers. This drink will stay at the forefront as the market leader in innovative product and will satisfy the needs of "dot.com" generation of consumers.

Consumption: the volume of sales in Chicago for the natural fruit juice has reached $ 456.7 million in 2008 for a volume of 225 million liters. Since 2004 there is a steady growth in product segment. The consumption rate per capita has reached 3.0 liters which represents a 5% increase in comparison to 2004.

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Earlier in1970s soft drinks were associated with colas by the consumers (Kotler, 1994). Delmonte a new company comes into the market to supply a large population of consumers who have longed for a healthier alternative of soft drink segment for many years. Companies have been actively engaged in the development of new products to counter the growing health concerns of the effects of high fructose drinks (Kotler, 1994). This product will serve to satisfy the health needs of the consumers hence it is expected to sustain the growth of the functional market.

Strong channels of distribution, operation results are visible, effective in the new market.

  • Weaknesses. Relies online extensions, brand dilution, entrance into the difficult insignificant category, saturation of natural fruit drinks segment and reliance on certain natural juice drinks.
  • Opportunities. It is an attractive brand to the global market, and it is purely new product in the market
  • Threats. Stiff competition, Free trade and emerging health matters
  • Marketing goals. To make "pineapple juice" brand from Delmonte company a winner in the markets as a sole refresher of the consumers.
  • Strategic initiatives. The product being new in the market it will be sold at the relatively low price as compared to the already established competitor products. The distribution will be country wide through different depots. The target group will be the youth which makes the largest population in the global market.

Media will be used as the main promoter of the brand. The promotion will take place on TVs immediately before the news to catch everybody. Newspapers will also be used whereby the brand description will make the headings of the mostly read papers also Magazines, banners and road shows will be employed (Kotler, 1994).

This plan has highlighted the procedure to be followed in promoting the new brand of pineapple juice from Delmonte. Since this is the only new "natural" juice bottled with unique flavors and free from harmful preservatives it will definitely win the marketplace more so there is no competition at the moment.

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