Descriptive Method Design

The descriptive research is one of the categories of research method that attempts to describe systematically a situation, problem or phenomenon or provides information of something that describes an attitude towards an issue. In this method, one observes the subjects without intervening. One of the descriptive methods that will be used in the research study is base-control or retrospective study method. This is one of the basic and descriptive methods used in research work. This method is used in comparing cases that are subjects with a certain attribute (Dawson, 2002). Comparisons are made, but they depend on the exposure of something suspected to cause the problem.

The reason why the case-control method was selected for this research is because this method allows the researcher to make comparisons of exposure to something. For instance, it will aid in the research providing accurate information on the way Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects the elementary children of 5 to 8 years of age. Moreover, it would enable the researcher to find out the causes of the ADHD in the elementary school. This method is crucial because it focuses on conditions in the past, which might have caused the subject to become a case instead of the control (Kumar, 2005). The popular case-control design is the exercising of science literature in order to provide a comparison of the behavioral anthropometric or psychological features of the children in the elementary class. This method will enable the researcher to collect detailed information for data analysis.

Therefore, through the use of the above method in carrying out the research, the number of the potential control would be higher than the way one could have expected. The association measure used in a case study would be an odd ratio. This is because it is difficult for one to calculate the attack risk. This is because one does not know the exact number of children in an elementary school who were exposed to the disease sources under study.

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