Diagnosis and Management

Management is complicated. It requires skill and motivation. But most of all it requires commitment – the commitment needed to rise to the numerous challenges that are existent in our daily experiences as we endeavor to achieve our objectives (Harwell, 2009). Information technology has great benefits to organizations and individuals. with tremendous advancements in the fields mobile industry, the internet and other great developments that all aim to enhance the processes of business management, a lot of effort must be put in place to ensure that such entities keep up with the pace at which changes in this field are taking place. With regard to this, I want to dwell mostly on the major challenges managers in the IT departments will have to deal with in the future.

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One of the very fundamental goals of any management is realization of stretch goal. An organization one is managing has a responsibility to attain something. In the present time, almost all transactions within organizations is being done in line with the technology of the time. As an IT manager, the entire organizational structure therefore relies on you to guide it through all the steps to ensure conformance to the standards in practice and steer the entity to great heights. The other managers rely on your policies and proposals to implement what they must in their respective areas of duty. And IT managers thus act as the drivers of whole organizations and therefore faltering on their part means a fatal accident to the entire crew. This is an implication that the objectives’ attainment heavily relies on the soundness of policies and strategies applied in the most recent information technology techniques.

Another serious challenge that IT managers will have to deal with is ensuring the security of the information stored and its integrity maintained. Nowadays, most and virtual all organizations are making use of information systems for managing their data and important information. At the present times, some manual techniques are still in place in significant areas even where computers are utilized for most of the organizations’ operations. With the rapid developments and adoption of information systems in every place, it will become very difficult to keep track of all the bulky information and data that will probably be solely under the guard of the IT department of each and every organization. As an IT manager, tomorrow does not seem to be easier than today, despite the great advances that being made in the information technology discipline. More and more work will be heavily left for the IT technicians and the issue would easily be compromised owing to the apparent cases of Computer Information Systems vulnerability to hacking and virus intrusion.

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Besides, there is the issue of skill and expertise that will be inevitable aspects of the workforce in the IT section of any organization. Almost everyone is will be computer literate in future since computers are rapidly becoming basic requirements in homes, schools, work places and even anywhere. However, not all these computer literate people are experts. The biggest challenge that IT managers will have is the process of identifying and actually getting the right employees for various critical tasks that will need serious and skilled personnel. IT managers will not work with trainees directly under them. Their work is not training but overseeing and making the appropriate policies relating to IT matters. They will therefore need to have the very knowledgeable individuals they can work with in order to run things as required. The question is whether or not such highly needed expertise will be adequate.

With computer systems, crises do occur as inevitably as death! They range from program failures, operating system crashes to even breakdown of the entire system. There are also dangers of hacking whereby hackers may tamper with the system resources and stored data or information thereby constituting serious setbacks to the whole organization. The issue malware, spyware and other annoyingly harmful software may cause real headaches. Currently, these problems are bringing about many negative outcomes to many individuals as well organizations. In future, the said threats are going to be more and more prominent than they are now. How are the IT managers going to help their companies deal with such crises? Crisis handling will be crucial in ensuring that normal operations can still go on even after an accident or a malicious incident has occurred. This will be a very challenging task since the problems may be highly complicated even to the very highly skilled people within such organizations.

As technology keeps changing day in day out, the future IT managers will have to very keen and sharp in order to keep up with the many spontaneous changes that will definitely arise. This will be very highly needed in order to stay in the competition whereby likely the information technology superiority will be immensely playing a role. The improvement of any organization will greatly depend on its ability to keep with the rapid pace of changes in technology. IT managers should, therefore, be ready to work tirelessly and have very deep understanding of the Information Technology advancements in order to steer their organizations to greater heights.

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