Domestic Terrorism

In this essay, I am going to be accurate about the motivations and the desires that drive towards pursuing further studies on domestic terrorism. It is evident that homegrown terrorism is the greatest challenge for American counterterrorism policy and thus there needs to greater focus on homegrown terrorism in light of evidence of this growing threat as well as prospect career objectives. I have chosen to work in the area of domestic terrorism, the reason being that it has such a demand for new and better ideas. Concomitantly, this is an area that requires an individual who has a background of an active duty army as well working in a security firm for some time.

I believe that my education fits this field flawlessly: I have been an active duty army who has toured to various nations. This has made me be conversant with what the nations suffering from homegrown terrorism undergo. I have been to Iraq in three occasions and therefore I have a clue on what the people go through in relation to domestic terrorism as well as in the international level. I also have a research experience that I carried when touring to different parts of the globe. I also believe that I can be a very good serviceman and can really do well in this field and provide security to the nation and the world at large.

At the moment I am carrying out a research on how to get a better understanding concerning what the United States is doing for her retired soldiers and am sure this will give me an opportunity to learn more concerning how people benefit from this kind of service. I am a determined and hardworking student, and very much willing to welcome new leap in my area of interest. Am willing to work hard hoping that the efforts I employ will have eminence acquaintance. I am willing to coordinate with other students in the same field so as to improve their standards of understanding concerning homegrown terrorism as well as my own understanding and my role in the society.

Anyway am not looking forward that the ride is likely to be smooth but I opt to push on focal point towards my vision and work more meticulously. I, therefore, anticipate a kind reflection on my submission to continue pursuing further studies on domestic terrorism of which I believe will be of great help to the discourse of Diaspora and the ideas of loss, longing, and nostalgia.

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