Don Pepe Pizzeria Chain

Product development is one of the most important processes in businesses and organizations across the globe. In this regard, the management of businesses and organization is responsible for formulating appropriate strategies that are meant to enhance the development of various products and services on the market. In addition to formulating strategies, it is also important to build up important processes that outline the development of these products. These processes are important in the development of new as well as the existing products in any particular business enterprise. Among the businesses and organizations that have created product development processes is Don Pepe Pizzeria.

There are various typical processes of product development at this company that have been created over time. To begin with, Don Pepe Pizzeria uses the chain model as its main product development in its operations. In line with this, the company works by acquiring the required raw materials for the development of products and services. In most cases, the raw materials are acquired from outside or rather from supplies that are required to ensure that the raw materials are available. It is important to understand that the flow of information plays a critical role in ensuring that the chain or rather the flow of products and services from one stage to the other are satisfied. Kong and Allan argue that “information flows in design, collaboration and capacity are a product of supply chain creation during new product development”. Therefore, Don Pepe Pizzeria sent out information regarding the materials that are required. After that, the supply responds by supplying these materials

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Apart from interacting with the supplier to provide the necessary material for product development, it was also found out that different departments in this organization had different responsibilities that were carried out to ensure that the product or service offered was fully completed. From the supplier, certain raw materials are processed further by the receiving department to ensure that they are in the required form. These are then passed on to the next departments. It is also important to understand that some completed products were a combination of different products that had been developed by different departments.

For instance, some main dishes were accompanied by vegetable or fruit salads. As such, these salads were developed or rather processed in different departments and only served together with the dishes upon being ordered for by the customers. However, whereas the departments that produce various products are different, it is worthy to note that these departments have been synchronized to eliminate failure cases. In reference to Yang and EI-Haik (2009, p. 78), it is important to understand that it is necessary to synchronize activities across different functional departments in a product development organization.

Another product development model is simultaneous engineering that allows products to be designed by teams. Notably, participants from all areas are required to participate. As such, various professionals are included such as production manager, marketing experts and finance specialists. According to Salvendy (2001, p. 371), simultaneous engineering (which is also referred to as teamwork) plays an important role in product development process. In this regard, different departments play their roles in product development, which when combined produce an end product that is complete.

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With this in mind, it is important to note that there are different new products that could be developed by Don Pepe Pizzeria as well as improve the current products. To begin with, Don Pepe Pizzeria could introduce fresh fruit juices on the market as its new products. From the current list of products that are offered by this organization, it did not offer juices as one of its products. However, fruit juices are some of the most important products that have a high demand on the current market (Primocal 2011). As such, this product would increase the market capability of Don Pepe Pizzeria in its industry. On the other, Don Pepe Pizzeria should consider improving the packaging of most of its products, especially those that are delivered to customers outside the organization. Note that hygiene is a very important issue that must be considered when delivering food products.

Another issue that affect this organization is its location. Notably, the location of this organization was arrived at after considering certain issues that were pertinent to the successful launching and running of the business. Among them are both qualitative and quantitative factors. For instance, the infrastructure, labour availability, competition and political stability were considered when deciding on the location of this organization (Mahadevan 2010). In addition to the above factors, other factors that were considered in choosing the location of Don Pepe Pizzeria were the costs and revenue potential, government and regional support as well as taxes (Drennan 1997). Other factors that could have been considered include the infrastructure of a particular location.

With this in mind, the decision to consider these issues was right. Note that these are some of the most important things that affect the running of businesses and organizations across the globe. In this regard, these factors must always be considered in depth when making decisions on the location of a particular business or organization. It is important to understand that by considering these factors, businesses and organizations would be able to avoid problems that affect their operations in future as well as their profitability in the market. In addition, considering these factor help organizations to make projections in the market, thus enabling them to lay down proper plans as well as create a distinction between them and other organizations in the same industry.

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