Film Analysis on Erin Brockovich

The purpose of this essay is to analyze the firm on “Erin Brockovich”. This movie talks about the things that we value in life and the need of valuing them at all times. The movies teaches us the importance of appreciating what we have as well as the things that we value. There is need of cherishing and not taking for granted that which we value in life’s(Giles, 2001).

Survey Research

The analysis of this movie will be conducted by carrying out a research. The purpose of this survey will be to determine the effectiveness of the film in conveying its themes to the audience. The film main theme which is appreciating what you have as an individual will be our main focus in this research. This theme is clearly brought out Hinkley community which is always in problems. For example, Donna Jensen’s family had always been in and out of the hospital, the family has endless medical complications. The survey intends to examine the impact of the movie to various views in terms of the changes that it has impacted their lives after watching it. Therefore, this study main aim is to analysis whether the various literature devices of conveying and making information being understood by the audience has been efficiently used in the movie under analysis. This will be examined by understanding how characters like Erin and Jensen’s convey the theme of appreciation clearly.

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Research Methodology

In order to achieve the objective of this study data was collected for the purpose of making the analysis easier and more effective. The data was collected from two different geographical regions. The region were chosen on two accounts; first, the region where the film had been watched and secondly the region where this film had not been watched. Having sampled two region under which to conduct our study we decided to use different data collection approaches for each of our geographical regions( Trochim,2006).

Observation was to be used as a method of collecting data from the region which had not watched the film. On the other hand, questionnaires were distributed among various respondents. The questionnaires were distributed to 100 respondents. For one to qualify in participating in the study he/ she was required to have watched the film “Erin Brockovich”. The respondent were supposed to indicate how Erin, Jensens, Theresa and Kurt Potter’s impacted their life in the play by how they acted and the main theme of the play.

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Need Assessments And It Role In The Study

The need assessment of what was to be included in the research were conducted based upon the purpose of the study. Therefore, in order to achieve the objectives of the study we had to identify the most important components of our study which would contribute to the success of the study. The factors that were taken into consideration include; the type of respondents, research methodology, sample size and the funds that were available for the study. The respondents were required to have knowledge of the characters in the film such as Erin, characters in the suit against the company among others.

The need assessment was very useful in collecting the intended information of the study whereby its helped us to restrict our selves in collecting information that was relevant to the objective of our research. It also helped in choosing the methods of collecting as well as distributing the questionnaires to the targeted audience by ensuring that were took into consideration the cost and purpose of the study.

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Ethical Implication

Ethics in research which are the codes of conducts that a researcher should abide with while conducting research. It usually defines the expected relationship between the respondents and the researcher or financier and researchers. For the film, many of the respondents found that Pacific and Electric gas company acted unethically by lying to members of Hinkley community on the safety of drinking water. This resulted into Jensen’s family endless medical complication as a result of drinking unsafe water. In our study/ research ethics in our research were maintained and this played a great role in ensuring that our study was a success. They helped in creating confidence between the respondents and the researchers which translated into their willingness to participate in our research. It also ensured that the data that was collected during the research was presented as it was and there were no manipulation.

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Based on the findings from our study most of the respondents noted that their lives were transformed in terms of how they appreciated what they possessed after watching the film. Therefore, the film was effective in conveying its main theme to the audience.

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