Injury and Illness Prevention Program


The IIPP program is a written policy devised to uphold healthly and safety work environment. It also guarantees conformity with health and safety codes while improving workers efficiency.

Proposed Program

The IIPP program will contain following eight elements: person(s) with authority and responsibility for implementing the safety program, safety communication system with employees, employee compliance strategies, employee training programs, procedures for recognizing and assessing hazards and unhealthy conditions , procedures for correcting hazards and unhealthy conditions, and recordkeeping and documentation for healthy and safety program (Department of Industrial Relations, 2011).

The IIPP program will seek to prevent the exposure to flammable liquids, compressed gases and liquids and hazardous chemicals. Being the IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program) Administrator, I will establish the IIPP with the Safety Specialist from the Office of Environmental Health & Safety, since he is sufficiently trained on company safety policies and will assist the employees to enforce these policies.

The IIPP program is important since it will seek to enhance employee morale, protect the health and safety of employees, lessen workers’ compensation claims, decrease the time expended to substitute or reassign injured workers, and reduce the possibility for code-infringement penalties from regulatory agencies. Additionally, it is important since it identifies what is required to promote health and safety in the workplace and forms an outline of policies and procedures required to fulfill health and safety objectives.

I will educate the company employees on the IIPP by utilizing group safety training programs and one-on-one meetings with supervisors. In addition to training, a two-way communication will be incorporated between the employers and employees for an effective safety program. The supervisors and employees will also be both addressed concerning safety issues through staff meetings and tailgates. The employees will be trained on various topics such as chemical spill treatment and reporting procedures.


Establishment and implementation of the IIPP program will ensure that all persons working under the company are guaranteed a safe work environment. Hence, reduce the risks related to workplace injuries and infections.

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