Is Religion A Good Word or A Bad Word

In my opinion, religion is not a good word. Just like other words that are used to group and classify people such as race, tribe, skin color or job groups, the word religion has lately taken a key role in diving, segregating and causing mayhem amongst people of different believes. In many known instances, over the years, unrest, murders, and some other bazaar acts have been carried out in the mane of religion. From the time I heard and knew about religion, I have always wondered why they do exist, if all its observes are focused on a good course, why then not have only one that units every tongue and kindred?

At some point religion has been viewed as the principal cause of evil in the world, and my thinking, it would be better if there were some way for the religion observers or spiritual people to get rid of the divisive aspects of religion, and focus wholly upon the central, unifying aspects common to all spiritual, religious practice. The world being big, scary and intimidating place, out of the huge diversity of historical backgrounds, cultures, languages, and peoples, it is common that people want to involve or have smaller groups in which they can feel more closely associate themselves with while excluding others. Religion seems to serve this function affirmatively for its communicants just as an urban city gang gives for groups of ignorant and impoverished teenage boys, and in usual conformity with the analogy, the consequences, and outcomes are continual fights or warfare.

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Religion can be defined as a set of beliefs that concerns theÿpurpose, cause, and nature of the universe, especially in the consideration of the supernatural agency or agencies, as the creation, morally involving ritual observances and devotion and often contains a moral code that governs or controls the conduct and behavior of human affairs. The development and institution of religion has had different and diverse forms in the many cultures. Most religions put great emphasis on faith and belief, while others are centered on activities and practice. Some religions emphasize on the experience of the religious person, while others put consideration on the deeds and acts of the religious community to be most vital.

Some religions have risen to claim universality, forming a strong conviction and believe that their cosmology and laws are perfect and are to be binding for all, while other religions were set with an intention of being practiced by only a set or sect of closely defined group. Religion has often been associated with public institutions or organizations such as families, educational institutions, political hierarchies, hospitals, and governments. All this is done with intentions of earning it a good name among the people.

According to some academics and theologians studying religion, religion is divided religions into three large groups as world religions, a term referring to international, trans-cultural faiths, indigenous religions, referring to smaller, national-specific religious or cultural specific religious groups, and new religious movements, referring to recently developed faiths, such as the charismatic movements. A modern theory of religion by ethnologists and academics state that, religion is a social constructionism, it is a modern concept suggesting that all worship and spiritual practice follows a model that resembles or is similar to Christianity, and therefore religion, as a concept, has been applied inappropriately to the non Western communities.

Since I am Asian and Christian, I was a little bit familiar with Buddhism and Christianity. Christianity impressed me owing to their beliefs and manner of conduct. It is a monotheistic religion based on the teaching and life of Jesus as presented in the bible, canonical gospels, and other spiritual writings. The word Christianity is the word that has been largely accepted by the church fraternity and secular world to give description to the practice of faith by the disciples or followers Jesus Christ.

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Christianity teaches that Jesus is the Son of God, who becomes human, and saved the lost human race, form eternal destruction. Christians often refer to Him as Messiah or Christ. Christianity is divided into three groups as Protestantism, Roman Catholic Church, and the Eastern Orthodox churches. The Eastern Orthodox Roman and the Catholic patriarchates separated from each other. The separation took place during the East West Schism of 1054ÿAD. The Protestants reformation in the 16th century, lead to the institution of Protestantism and a splitting from the Roman Catholic Church. Despite the separations, they hold farm to their belief in one God, and even have organizations that encompass them all, as one body.

Christianity is debated to have begun as a Jewish sect in the middle of 1st century. It originated in the eastern Mediterranean coast of the Middle East now the modern Palestine and Israel. It quickly took root and spread to Egypt, Mesopotamia, Syria, and Asia Minor. Over a few decades, its growth in size influenced many, and soon become the dominant, significant religion within the Roman Empire. Most of the European countries become Christianized during the Middle Ages. Christianity further spread to the Saharan Africa, Australasia, Americas, and finally to the entire world.
As per the prophesies in the Hebrew Bible, Christians believe that their savior Jesus Christ is the prophesied Messiah. The foundations of Christianity and its theology is based in the prehistoric Christian ecumenical creeds, which contained claims widely accepted by it followers.

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These writings state that Christ suffered, died, was buried, and resurrected from the dead. Those believing and trusting in him for their forgiveness of sins are ensured an everlasting life. They further claim that He reigns and rules in heaven with his father after his bodily ascension there. Most of the Christian denominations preach, teach and encourage that Jesus will return to pass judgment on the humanity, dead or alive, and grant everlasting life to those who followed him. Christ is viewed as the master model or rather example of a perfect, virtuous, or sinless life. He acts as the mediator and interceder for the human race before God, and is both the incarnation and physical revelation of the character and will of God his Father. All Christians know his massage of comfort, hope, and assurance as the Good News Gospel.

Other than the above noted, other aspects of the religion, that I find interesting is the keeping of the Ten Commandments. In a nut, shell this commands tantamount to the normal laws of the land that govern good living and coexistence. It does not give room to any vice, and those observing it live straight, upright, and joyful lives. Baptism as a symbol of total surrender from the secularity and a beginning to Christian fellowship is really an interesting aspect of the religion. The sharing of the Holy Communion, which entails the washing of others feet, is a great simple of service and humility to other. The religion’s greatest strength is the Bible, the Holy book belief in Jesus Christ as the Messiah and savior.

In conclusion, I do agree that religion was set to be a symbol of hope and strength to survive and live. However, the outcome of religious practices reflects the negative. The practice of religion has instead turned to be the battleground for supremacy and dominance, to the point of being used as a drive to commit crimes. This forms my hardliner stand against religion.

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