LGBTQ History


LGBTQ history is the study that refers to the history of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer. It reviews the development of homosexuals from the early times to the present world. Some nations heavily discourage homosexuality. However, some nations accept homosexuality. It has faced a lot of discouragement from the Roma Catholic Church. Churches believe that every man should marry a woman. They say men should never marry men and women to marry women. This article discusses some of the major problems that the LGBTQ face. In conjunction to that, it studies some of their efforts to legalize homosexuality. It studies some of the rights the lesbian, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer think they should have. This paper studies some of the key factors that propel the evolution of homosexuality and its effect socially, politically and legally.

Dynamic of Homosexuality in Social Political and Legal Matters

Homosexuality is the act of two people of the same sex having romantic affairs. Some people born with different sexual identities live indiscrete. This is because of their fear the reaction of their peers, friends and families once they discover they are not straight. Some people are born with Gayism in them. Gays and lesbians get stigmatized. The reason behind the stigmatization is that many people consider gays and lesbians to be sinners. Homosexuality is in their blood system. They are people with feelings and should be accepted in the societies. Gays should not be discriminated because they did not choose to be gays.

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Social Effect of LGBTQ

Homosexuality was totally unacceptable in some communities. People considered it illegal and shameful. People who were known to have the homosexuality behaviors were always considered as outcasts. Parents who discovered that their children were homosexuals disowned their children. This led to most youths, gays and lesbians to hide their sexual identities. Youths who were found to be gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender or queer were hated. They faced discrimination from their peers, friends and families. In school, they had no peace. Most families did not want to do with them. Some were thrown out their homes. They became homeless and had uncertain futures. This is because their nomadic lives made them have exceedingly little resources to use.

They experienced poor education and hence lesser job opportunities. Most used young men always questioned their gender ability. They knew that once their family will find out about their sexual orientations, they would forever be thrown out of their families. This made them live with discreet sexual identities. Most LGBTQ youths knew that public places were not the best places to express themselves. They feared facing discrimination. Staying together gave the LGBTQ a sense of belonging. The LGBTQ group developed an adoptive method to stay within the community. Most of them pretended that they were heterosexuals. They would mix with the heterosexuals where they would go on with their behaviors without getting noticed. Gayism and lesbianism was so strong in some areas that some musicians and entertainers faked their identities to be accepted among the communities. However, most people in communities flooded with Gayism and lesbianism did not entertain them. They collaborated with the law enforcers to kick them out of the community. Once they were found out, they would face stigma from their friends and parents. This lead to most of them abuse substance which would help them escape from the world of reality. When on drugs, they engaged in irresponsible and unprotected sex which increased their chances of contracting HIV leading them to early deaths. After Bill Clinton showed his interest in the gays (Pride and Prejudice: Changing context of gay visibility by Suzanna Danuta Walters) people termed him as a betrayer. They saw this as signs that Clinton was not a suitable person because he supported the gays. This shows that the community did not want anything to do with anyone associated with the gays. However, there reached a moment when homosexuals no longer had to hide. It is like they were accepted in the community. Gay clubs were opened all over where they would mix freely and strengthen their friendship bonds. In the book, “A Spectacle in Color: The Lesbian and Gay Subculture of Jazz Age Harlem. By Eric Garber, the author outlines some gay bars which had become common in Harlem. Although people hated the gays and lesbians, the homosexual no longer hid. They walked and did their thing freely.

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Political Effect of LGBTQ

Gayism and lesbianism had an effect on politics. Homosexuality was becoming common. Majority of masses in some countries were homosexuals. Political aspirants developed a new tactic to get votes. They decided to mix with the gays. Bill Clinton, the US president, in 1992, when he was campaigning for the presidential seat, he addressed the Gayism and lesbianism part. He said that he felt discouraged by people who got either discriminated because of color, gender, race or sexual orientation (Duberman 1994). This gained him popularity among the people than the other aspirants. The reason behind the popularity is because many gays and lesbians who lived in discrete open up. They wanted a person who values them with respect as human beings to be their leader. He was the first president to talk about sexuality issue publicly. This paid off since he got elected as their president. Once in the white house, he applied a formula that would ensure that he regains the seat. He decided to work with the gays and lesbians. Most of his leaders in the Whitehouse were from the homosexual community. He formed an act which favored the gays in terms of job s and careers. This increased his relationship with people and was assured a return to the white house in the next election. Bill Clinton wanted homosexuality to be legalized.

Bill Clinton paved the way for other leaders in the world. Some political aspirants in different countries followed Bill Clinton idea. This lead to more gays and lesbians supporters opening up.surporti9ng the gay gave them courage to stand out. In some countries, gays and lesbians started vying for office in local, state and federal elections. They got supported by a large number of followers this made it hard for people to fight against homosexuality. This is because some leaders were strong supporters of it.

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In Suzanna Danuta Walters. “Pride and Prejudice: The Changing Context of Gay Visibility, she highlights some of the main issues in the USA that changed the visibility of Gayism and lesbianism. Clinton insists and struggles to liberate gay liberation despite being given a lot of advice by people. However, Clinton wants people to get the rights to live in freedom and not always gays feeling something inside them that alienated themselves from the straight people.

Legal Change

The development of lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer over the years led to change in legal matters due to their cry to try and liberate what they termed as gay rights. Some amendments were made in the law sector. Countries like the USA have tried to regulate their laws to feature the gay rights. Bill Clinton, retired USA president, encouraged the gay movement and discouraged their discrimination saying that everyone required their own rights. It was not the president alone who embraced gay rights; gay rights became part of the legislative arena. He discourages the fear that homosexuals lived with, concerning them not publicly announcing their sexuality, fearing that they will not get jobs and other services. He forms an act which favors the gays and lesbians in which assures that they can get jobs. American, being a superpower country influences other countries, which also regulates their laws to favor the gays. This has been done, and the effects are clear; men are marrying men and women are marrying women. In some countries, they do this legally, and legal certificates are issued. However, some countries are still far from legalizing this act (Garber 1989). Legalizing gays and lesbian rights have some impact in the legal affairs in some countries now. In countries where these rights concerning gays are not addressed, they fight for their rights, most of them demonstrating. Most legal factors of countries are being altered to accommodate the gays and lesbians rights.


Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queers have been facing a lot of challenges since the ancient times. They become subjected to discrimination by families, friends and peers. This has made them feel inferior, and some of them suffer from low self esteem. This has made them engage themselves in drugs as they try to live with the facts that they are not wanted and respected anymore any more. However, Gayism is considered to be sinful, it should be legalized. This is because by denying them their right, it makes the gays consider themselves as unwanted species in the world. The LGBTQ are humans, and they have feelings. Hurting their feelings will be deploying injustice to them. They should be respected and accepted in the community because being born gays is not one’s choice, just like being born male or female. Gays should be given their rights and support.

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