Mental Health Policy in Florida

Mental diseases are serious and widespread health condition in the USA. Moreover, 18.5% of people currently experience some of various mental illnesses and 4.2% suffer from serious mental diseases (NAMI, 2015, p.1). However, each American state has its different types of service, mental health finding levels, legislation, and policies. For healthcare improvement and costs reduction, Florida developed many different programs focused exclusively on humans with different mental illnesses, in particular, major depression, schizophrenia, bipolar conditions, and others.

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Mental Health Policy in Florida is intended for adults and children with mental diseases. This medical program has contracted with some separate companies guaranteeing scope for mental health services, and their coordination became more difficult. The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) has existed for many years, however, since 2003 the Legislature of Florida began to implement various policies to raise mental health programs to the priority level. For example, improvement of mental health policy includes care coordination for reducing the emergency health services use, community-based interventions expansion pursing, reintegrating humans to community settings from institutional different placements.

Florida’s Children’s Mental Health System of Care (CMHSOC) Project is Child Mental Health Initiative that will realize the Care Framework System into the delivery network of mental health service. According to SAMHSA (2016), “This project will serve children and adolescents’ age 0-21 diagnosed with serious emotional disturbances (SED) and their families.” Moreover, each region of Florida offers unique opportunities depended on people’s ethnicities, languages, cultures, and others. Thus, localities will choose their population of concentration within such a wide definition based on the documented needs. In addition, many different programs, in particular LAUNCH, CMHS Statewide Family Network Grants, Campus Suicide Prevention, Magellan Complete Care and others, were developed for the restructuring and improvement of mental health in Florida.

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Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) are medical workers whose expertise and skills could assist immensely in affordability and expansion of healthcare in the USA. A member of APRN is a medical care professional who has post-graduate degree in such four specialties as “certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), certified nurse-midwife (CNM), clinical nurse specialist (CNS), and certified nurse practitioner (CNP)” (Barbarito, 2016, p.4). Each of such categories major in the care of population (one or more) such as family/individual, pediatrics, neonatal, adult-gerontology, women’s health/gender-related, and psych/mental health. Thus, APRN’s role in assisting with the mental health policy is significant. This medical worker can promote mental health applying diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of mental diseases. Moreover, such nurses have to promote wellness and health identifying mental disorder issues, to prevent problems with mental health and to assists in the treatment of patients’ psychiatric disorders.

Magellan Complete Care hopes to profit by patients’ hospital admissions avoidance and many other expensive cares. Moreover, this model focuses on a care coordination team including doctors, nurses, and other workers who will work with patients and their families to attain specific aims. Each ill person will have a personal health guide to arrange transportation, to schedule appointments, and to follow treatment plans. Thus, Florida mental health policy helps people to save their money and get better results in mental diseases prevention and treatment.

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Interprofessional team consists of individuals from various disciplines communicating and working with other people. The interprofessional learning team members provide their skills, knowledge, attitudes, and support the other members’ contributions in their environment. Thus, the interprofessional team can use each of these programs and models to ensure coordinated and comprehensive care for the specific population.


In conclusion, Florida mental health policy directs to more successful and effective mental care system development including effective prevention and treatment of mental diseases. Moreover, they have to save patients’ money resulting in the increase in the number of ill people who can get the full treatment.

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