Nursing Shortage in U.S.


Еhe United States health care is currently faced with the shortage of nurses. Nurses are very vital in any given healthcare environment because nurses play an important role in the treatment process of patients. The nurses are supposed to ensure that the patients are taken care of in terms of giving the patients food and administering drugs to the patients. They also keep records on the progress of a patient on behalf of doctors. Therefore, the shortage in US is so alarming and there is an urgent need for the government to address this problem as soon as possible.


The shortage of nurses in U.S. requires adequate measures to be undertaken in order to address the problem that threatens the stability of the healthcare. Those measures that have been already undertaken include financial incentives, such as increasing the salary of nurses in order to encourage more people to study nursing, and employment of foreign nurses. The commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools is in agreement that foreign trained nurses have become an important part of the United States nursing workforce. They also noted that the impact of foreign nurses will grow in future. Research also shows that the trends in employing foreign nurses have been on the increase for the last ten years (Davis & Nichols, 2002). These findings are valid as the number of foreign nurses applying for US occupational visas is rising every day. The crucial role of foreign-trained nurses in the healthcare delivery in the US has been recognized and highly appreciated for the last ten years, and this can be traced back in the market forces (Xu & Kwak, 2006).

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Many concerns are raised on the assurance of skills and quality of foreign-trained nurses as many do fear that these nurses may not have the right nursing qualifications compared to those trained in U.S. In order to address this issue, the American government has put in place some measures: the setting procedures are to be followed when screening foreign nurses and they are supposed to take US licensure examination (Sochalski & Berger, 2004).

Despite these fears of the public, foreign-trained nurses have impacted the American health care delivery in a positive way. Their skills, education and experience have been of great importance in provision of health care services to American citizens.


The shortage of nurses can be viewed as a factor that has transformed the entire U.S. health care delivery system. The shortage has resulted into the government implementing various policies with an aim of addressing the problem. The government has deployed the measure of employing foreign nurses in order to ensure that health care services provided to its citizens are of high quality. Therefore, it is very clear that we cannot do away with foreign-trained nurses as their services are vital in the health care system of US.

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