Prevent attacks by terrorist networks


Combating terrorism is of utmost importance to ensure the protection of lives and livelihood of the citizens of the shores. It is for this reason that we have identified four major priorities to ensure insure that invasion from terrorist networks is put under control. The four priorities include preventing attacks by terrorist networks, denying WMD to rogue states and terrorist allies who seek to use them, denying terrorists the support and sanctuary of rogue states and finally denying terrorist’s control of any nation they would use as a base and launching pad for terror. The following is a description of ideas that can help achieve the above four priorities.

Prevent attacks by terrorist networks

The first way is to attack terrorist and their capacity to operate this ensures that their ways of survival are neutralized thus they will not be in a good position to effectively attack. The killing of their leader will disrupt cohesiveness within the network thus weakening it. The foot soldiers should also be killed since they make up the army of the terrorist network. Their recruitment should also be stopped. The acquisition of weapons should also be stopped; this reduces the chances of them accessing more powerful and dangerous weapons (Alexander, 1991). There should also be a plan to disrupt source of funding to the terrorists which will automatically results into them being starved of the material support which they require. Their communication network should also be destroyed since they need the same to pass different important information from one point to another. Finally, their propaganda operations should be dealt with since they use this to justify their violent actions.

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Deny WMD to rogue states and terrorist allies who seek to use them

It should be understood that possession of weapons of mass destruction by a terrorist network is the greatest strength that one can ever face. Ideally, it requires aggressive efforts at all levels be it the local government, the private sector, and foreign partners. Their plans, intentions and capabilities should be determined through thorough assessment. Their access to materials, expertise, and training among other enabling capabilities should also be denied. It is also very necessary to disrupt the movement of material to their place of convenience.

Deny terrorists the support and sanctuary of rogue states

The idea that anyone who chooses to be an ally to the terrorist network is an enemy of freedom should be embraced and they should be held on account. This priority will only be achieved by ending sponsorship of terrorism by the authority which governs the shores in question. Another approach is by disrupting the flow of resources from rogue states to the respective terrorist networks.

Deny terrorists control of any nation they would use as a base and launching pad for terror

To achieve this, first efforts should be channeled to eliminate the physical safe havens. This will be made effective by police enforcement, border security forces and a proper functioning justice system. Another move is also by ensuring the stability of countries since terrorists take advantage of this situation. Other types of safe havens in which the activity of the terrorist networks can thrive and need to be checked include the legal, cyber and financial safe havens (National Security Council, 2006). The legal system has to be efficient in a such a way that the laws will enable effective investigation and timely prosecution of the terrorists. Gaps associated with the legal framework can easily lead to safe havens which the terrorist networks will take advantage of. The cyber safe haven is brought about in the way the internet is not regulated. The terrorists use the internet to recruit new members, sell their propaganda, and transfer funds as well as train members. To counter this problem, the propaganda should be discredited by promoting messages that are truthful and peaceful. To eliminate the financial safe havens through which the terrorists transfer and store money, the financial systems should be hardened through effective regulations where suspicious transactions will be reported immediately and corrective measures taken.

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