Racial Violence

The paper will examine how o different races in the United States of America have to some extent been affected by race-related violence. The study will attempt to identify the influence behind the violence as well as the outcome in association with stereotyping and aggression. The participants will be randomly selected from the State of California, New York and Mississippi. These are some of the state that has enough racial diversity and has been affected by racial violence. The study shall focus on the racial violence between the African Americans, the Latinos, the Asians, the whites and Native Americans among other races. The study shall also deal with what fuels this violence. The paper shall also attempt to look at the role the federal government, state and the local society plays in curbing racial violence. The paper also addresses the role of our education system and schools in assisting the elimination of this menace. The study will demonstrate if racial violence still exists and why this is still happening. The findings by this study are for general study and it is important that further research to be conducted in the future.

This research study attempts to provide new information on the problem of racial violence in the United States of America. A lot of people have been affected by the senseless racial violence and has led to a lot of deaths, injuries and traumatized communities. The problem, associated with racial violence, is not a new subject in the United States; it has been there for a long time. Initially, the violence was targeted to Americans of African descent by white supremacist groups, skinheads, hate crimes by other individuals, groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and other groups (Short et. al. 18)

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Racial violence in the USA

Due to the immigration problem in the United States, the issue has become worse and has now become a game related violence concern. There is now the rise of Asian gangs, black gangs, Latino gangs as well as the white gangs. The gangs are, in most cases, racially composed from the same locality and unleash violence to competing gangs and more so on gangs from other races. Most of these gangs engage in other criminal activities such as trading in drugs and are mainly composed of young people. The paper will attempt to address this issue and provide solutions to this menace in our society.

Almost all states in the United States have had incidences of racial violence. Racial violence is mainly led by stereotyping of the certain group of people. The violence has led to death, injuries, increase in crime, affecting the education system negatively, and increase in gang violence. The problem has enormous effects on the society and especially the victims of this violence. Violence is damaging to the victims, when an individual is subjected to the low level of harassment persistently, their wellbeing, as well as health, shall be affected. The violence shall lead to both psychological as well as physical scars that are passed from one individual to another in the society and passed down to coming generations. It leads to low self-esteem and poor mental health. The individuals, who are subjected to racial violence, create an identity, made of the labels, as well as the images that they have been given. Racially motivated murders are very painful for a family or a society to comprehend. They will have a long-term bad impression on the minds of the family of the victim and the whole society.

According to Slaughter, racially based violence in the United States is a problem that has been in occurrence in between ethnic communities in the country for many years (5). There was reported racial based violence as early as before the pre-revolution era in the 18th Century. In 19th century, there existed violence between arriving Catholics immigrants from Ireland and the Protestant (Greenberg and Watts 115). This was more common in states such as Philadelphia, New York and Boston. According to Grimshaw, there have been other incidences of violence in the United States, especially in the South, where the freed slaves, who were Americans of African descent, faced serious racial violence in the South (23). The black also faced racism in Areas of employment in the early and mid 20th Century and, at times, it escalated into violence.

This led to the civil right movement that attempted to fight against the injustice and racial discrimination (Walker 71). The civil rights movement, experienced a period of violence, perpetrated on them and the eventual assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. who headed the movement (Short et. al. 83). The movement led to the development of the equal society, but the racial violence did not decrease. Today, racial violence is in the increase more than ever, today it has taken the form of racial gangs that terrorize neighborhoods and schools and leave a trail of destruction on their path (Cummings and Monti 67). Today, the violence involves weapons, drugs and insults and has become more dangerous in the process.

This section will introduce the methods that the researcher has chosen to collect information needed for this report. The methods used will clearly give the results and findings that this study sought out to find. The research methods will also be used to prove the hypothesis and in the overall achievement of the aim and objectives of the study.

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Secondary Research

For the secondary information, the research information is obtained from different published articles and case studies. The secondary sources will be used to provide researched findings and analysis. Case studies can provide a richness and uniqueness in data. Secondary research information is suitable with this research, since it is combining the quantitative and qualitative data. This paper describes some useful development in the area of racial violence in the United States. For supporting the findings, the research will collect secondary data from literature books, related to racial violence, which is related to the topic of this research. Hopefully, these sources can be used as guidelines to bring out some useful data that is connected to the findings to prove or disprove the hypothesis and reach the aim and objectives of the research.The method of primary data collection includes two parts. The research will take mid-time period, approximately two months before the final date. The first part will involve the use of open questions through telephone interviews. The research has made contact by email with a group of employees, working in the manufacturing industry, California. The appointments for the telephone interviews will start on 3rd March, 2012 at 10 a.m. The question based interviews will be based on 14 interview questions about the racial violence in the United States. The research will read the histories about racial violence before onset of the interview. This backup information will be collected by combining both positivism and interpretive in form of realism philosophy. According to Umar (2004), “Realism is based on the belief that a reality is independent from human thoughts and beliefs.” This means that everyone has his/her own opinion, but there is some limitation in the freedom of expressing their perception. This research follows this philosophy as the researcher would like to know the different kinds of opinions from the respondents. On the other hand, the questions set will be bordered on a particular area to get the summary of the main opinion and find out the thoughts of the respondents.

In the second part, the research will use observation, as a research instrument will combine the qualitative and quantitative research methods by 11 multiple choice questions. The research will deliver questionnaires to residents in a number of neighborhoods. 30 questionnaires will be distributed in 4 different locations on the first week of April during the lunch hour. The research assumes that the respondents are middle to upper level in social class. This simulation has been done in order to get as much information as possible due to the lack of resources. At the beginning of the questionnaire, there is a short consent letter, addressed to all participants that introduce the product that the research is doing. The questionnaire also contains biographical questions, relating to age, gender and nationality. All the questionnaires will be collected 3 days later and the researcher will start to analyze the information and apply the theories in books, articles and school research methods in class.

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