The basis of “Salvation” story, “salvation” reflects a young boy who experiences a true revelation. The boy attends a church revival and it is there that he discovers that during salvation, Jesus will not appear in person or physically to a person for him to accept salvation. However, the boy gets salvation but out of his innocence based on the fact that he did not know what exactly to expect but he believed every word that his Auntie Reed had told him. The innocence of the boy comes as a result of his auntie Reed who keeps on talking about the major revival and as a result, Hughes believes after listening to her. Salvation means different things to different people as one comes to realize in the story. According to the author of the narrative, salvation, there reaches a point in one’s life when the person begins to see things in a different perspective. This usually comes at a certain instant in time when one realizes himself or herself. It is during salvation that one has such an experience. This story “Salvation” is based on a true encounter about salvation in a church revival.

According to the author, there are many expectations that people usually have about salvation and such a contradiction is the basis of the story. Auntie Reed’s understanding of the things that happen during salvation is also part of the anwers that I have been looking for a while. The author hints that during salvation, it is what one believes that counts. What one hears stories and experiences about salvation, it is worth noting that not all things should be taken literally, but instead, it is through faith that one gets to experience the kind of things that auntie Reed was telling the young boy (Radmacher 98). During salvation, one has an encounter with Jesus but through faith, the person is supposed to open his or her heart to welcome Jesus into their hearts but this is supposed to happen through a careful meditation. One can clean his heart and consciousness through repentance and making peace with both God and Man. The kind of preparation that the shepherds of the lambs of God talk about whenever they tell his people to purify their hearts and mind in readiness to welcome Jesus Lord is what salvation is based on.

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However, this is not what is usually understood by many whenever they here about salvation. According to the author, speaking to Jesus or God happens in prayer on the other hand one meditates and he or she listens to the voice of God in their hearts (Green 56). This does not mean that one should remain attentive and expect to hear God speaking to them in a voice that loud enough to be heard by the people around (Hole 56). God does not work like this. The kind of voice that God speaks with to his people is very unique and mysterious that only the person whom He is speaking to can be able to hear it (Metz 34). Auntie lead said that during salvation, “you could see, hear, and feel Jesus in your soul”. (Salvation 152). In addition, this is what the boy should have believed, ones see all these things but they are seen through the eyes of the soul.

According to aunt, during salvation, one sees a flash of light and something happens inside the person’s body. It is then that Jesus comes into one’s life and this signifies the presence of God. As she had made the small boy believe the person who is undergoing salvation stands at the presence of Jesus and he or she can actually see, hear, and feel Jesus in person. As a result, Hughes the young boy, sat and waited until she could have an actual encounter with Jesus for him to accept salvation but sadly this was never to happen. Contrary to what many would have expected, the young boy is not saved out of an encounter with Jesus but the young boy is saved as result of his innocence. This understanding contradicts the views of the author of salvation and this is the major technique that the author employs in order to address the topic of salvation in a more expansive and deep manner. Salvation is ranked high in the Christian faith and it is similar to a rite of passage that all people should ensure that they undertake.

Salvation is having an earthly consciousness experience and this does not mean that one has to have a tentative life after death (Martin 78). Indeed this story is a revelation to those people who have not undertaken the major step of drawing near to Jesus Christ, it indicates that salvation is for all, right from the young ones to the elder ones.

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