Socio-Ecological Approach

Research shows that positive outcomes are not automatic and stringent programs need to be developed to realize them. Without these programs child obesity will continue to rise. There are also serious injuries acquired by the youth engaged in sports. Some young athletes also develop eating disorders due to pressure to excel in sports. There are also negative psychological impacts on the young people who do not perform as well as their peers. They end up developing low self esteem. Aggression has also become rampant in youth sport facilities.

Parents and Coaches play a big role in ensuring adherence and excellence of young people in sport programs. They should emphasize self-comparison; children should seek to improve themselves rather than compete with teammates. Coaches should design sport programs in such a way that the youth involved have time for other activity. This will reduce the number of children who abandon sports for other activities. Parents should encourage their preschool children to engage in physical activity in order to teach them the benefits of sports. Pressurizing children to engage in sports does not work, and should be avoided by the parents and coaches. If practitioners and researchers collaborate in designing sport programs, then the benefits will be realized and lead to lifelong elite or recreational sport participation.

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The six-level ecological model recognizes the relationship that exists between an individual and the environment. This model also acknowledges that the social environment determines behavior of an individual. For example, community norms, policies and regulations. Thus, an effective approach involves a combined effort at all levels namely individual, organizational, interpersonal, community and public policy.

Young people should engage in physical activities that they enjoy in order to keep fit. Moderate physical activity for an hour every day is essential. This could include walking, biking for errands or visiting friends. It is important also for individuals to watch out for pedestrians while driving.

Parents should be role models to the youth by involving themselves in physical activity. They should also set time limits for TV and computer use. Parents should also work with schools in which their children attend in order to develop policies that incorporate physical education for their children. They could also advocate for safe bicycling and walking routes to school.

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Most youth have part-time jobs; employers should provide parking spaces for bicycles and changing facilities. Post signs that encourage use of stairs other than elevators. Support events that incorporate physical activities.

Contribute to funding the construction of sidewalks, parks, swimming pools and recreational centers. Support policies that promote physical exercise.

They should design buildings with accessible and safe staircases. Designs safe and frequents pedestrian crossing. Design neighborhoods that are safe and accessible from work or school.

Consider health while making school policies. They should incorporate physical education in the curriculum. Promote walking to school and cycling.

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