The Egyptians

The Egyptians were concerned about building their supremacy and control over the Arab country with an effective display of military and negotiation power of the Arab world. Consequently, Egypt was sure of the deliberate ill-fated developments that led to the creation of the state of Israel after the Second World War and the strategic position of imparting foreign political and religious dominance in the Arab world and Eastern Christians. On the other hand, Israel was well aware of the violent threats perspective that accompanied its self-existence as political and religious tool to counter the Middle East economies that were popular with vital natural resources.

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The Arab-Israeli conflict is believed to have started as early as 1948 during the Israelis war for independence. The independence led to the termination of British mandate on Palestine. Another major war was the Suez war which was fought between 1956-57 (Parker 120).In 1956 saw the Sinai war that caused Arab instability whereby the Syrians constantly attacked Israel from the Golan Heights, thus causing destructions in villages and human life in the Sea of Galilee. The 1967 June six-day war was mainly as a result of tension between Israel and the Arab countries neighboring it. One of the major causes of the war was the scramble for waters from river Jordan whereby Israel diverted the water into the Negev desert a move that other Arabs states greatly opposed. Syria’s efforts to divert the Jordan waters from Israel came to a standstill when Israel bombed the works in 1965 and 1966.T he formation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1964 with an authentic recognition by the Arab Summit conference gave lead to the financial ability of Al Fatah leading to terrorist attacks on Israel due to ownership disagreements on the Golan Heights and bases in the West Bank (or co-hosting 1).Israel’s efforts to increase its borders for agriculture was against the Israel-Syria armistice signed on July 20, 1949, saw the demilitarization zone between Israel and Syria thus leading to border clashes between Israel and Syria. Israeli’s efforts to make peace with its neighbors was refuted by the Arab leaders whereby Nasser of Egypt dismissed the peace negotiation as Israel motive to deceive the world.

The Soviet Union pushed Egypt into joining with Syria to fight against Israel

This was fabricated by the Soviet Union in its aim to destabilize the Arab states. In 1956 the US assured Israel that it had the rights to access the Straits of Tiran which was Israeli’s only access route to Asia and any blockade would violate the Convention on the Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone. However, on May 22-23, 1967 Egypt closed the Strait thus cutting off Israeli’s oil supply and later declared that it was ready for war. The key nations in the event of the conflict include Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Syria, The Soviet Union, United States, Palestine, France and Great Britain. The Arab nations played a very small role in the conflict whereas the outside international community’s played the biggest role towards the war. Egypt under Nasser came into the conflict when Israel in 1964 completed the construction of water carrier channels towards the dry parts of the country a move the Syrians greatly opposed thus condemned Egypt as the largest Arab nation for doing nothing about the issue. Moreover, in 1967, Egypt acted against the1956 Convention on the Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone by blocking the Strait of Tiran against the Israeli bound ships. This saw the unification of Arab states under Egypt. Nasser openly declared war against Israel. The Soviet Union is known to be the key player in the war whereby it provided weapons for the Arab states besides Instigating the six-day war. The Soviet nation further took upon feeding the Arab states with information such as when it falsely informed Egypt about the Israeli amercing its troops in may 13 in readiness to attack Syria (six-day war 1).

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The US enjoyed a friendly relationship with the Arab worlds between 1958 and 1962. The relationship came to an end when the US supported Saudi allies against the US.US gave Israeli the mandate to cross the Straits of Tiran which the land behind the source of the conflict. During the war, the US continually supplied Israeli with military aid while sponsoring the United Nations which acted as an emergency force during the war. The Palestinian Fatah Fedayeen who constantly attacked Israel played a major role towards enhancing the Israeli-Syrian conflict that led to the six-day war. France was the key weapon supplier to Israel In the 1950s since it had the interest of confronting the Arab states. France during the six-day war provided weapons to Israel. Britain’s self-interest in the Arab region due to oil saw it supply Israel with weapons while stating that it was for peace purposes. ( (six day war 1). The United Nations is blamed for its incapability to slow or stop the conflict. The UN had been defeated to stop the Syrian attacks on Israeli and it departs from the region when Nasser demanded it to(Parker 120).

The Israel winning of the war change the dimensional future of the nation in the present ground as a good neighbor to the Muslim brother

Unlike the theism believe in the act of forgiveness, the Israel general praised the success of the war claiming that the culmination of the events of the war led to the recognition of the nation’s existence with eminent security sealing of the porous territory boundaries from future terrorist attacks. The Israel 1987 commemoration festivals of the June Six Days War victory was attended by high ranking military officer who approved the fact that “the war had brought Israel strategic depth (omek astrategi)” thus revealing that the state of Israel never felt the guilty associated with the inhuman suffering that come about as the aftermath of the war (Fishman 1). The much published stand attracted Arab world response that led to sporadic terrorism activities that were well regarded as holy war by the Arabs. The results of the war have always haunted the real meaning of the war in detail till now-the Israel occupancy of the west bank is a source of distress in the Middle East incessant crisis. Therefore the possible solution to the Gaza prolonged chaotic violence is for Israel to reflect back and return back the former Arab territories in exchange for peace. The Soviet is accused by the United States, England and other pro-Israel nations as the source of rumors about Israel possible military strike of Egypt after Syria-the Russia emissary further elaborated to the Egyptians that the Arab world was ready to help in the extermination of the imperialism signature Israel out of the Arab world. Therefore during May 16 1969, the Cairo radio delivered a determined announcement about the source and cause of the war “The existence of Israel has continued too long. We welcome the Israeli aggression we welcome the battle we have long awaited. The peak hour has come. The battle has come in which we shall destroy Israel.” Meanwhile the Nasser closed the Straits of Tiran thus affecting the Israel shipment traffic movement that was calculated as an economic sabotage tactic; as the Egyptian president declared before trade unionists that “The battle will be a general one and our basic objective will be to destroy Israel” with backing from the Jordan and Russian aviation military and army that was quite evident (IMFA 1). Israel therefore had to declare offensive military action that destroyed many airspace capability of the Arab world by raiding air bases. International committees were unable to solve the crisis in time to prevent the war. Yet, the circumstances on the ground dictated war as the only way to cool down the high embargo theatre prepared wars.

High forms of propaganda and images were used during the culmination of the war with special reference to media usage as a weapon to control the reaction of the public from interfering with the costly war expenditure that eventually drained the economies of the affected regions. The action of President Lyndon Johnson and Prime Minister Wilson Harold to swiftly assure Israel of a free passage for Israel shipment though Egypt had closed down the passage evokes emotions of war as coercion of foreign allies was the last result that the Arab world insinuated to be real reason for the existence of the state. Therefore aggression was the best form of arrangement that could bulldoze both the Egyptian and Israel military powers to declare the winner. The Khartoum no peace, no negotiation and no recognition of Israel was a popular media piece of information that thoroughly aroused the Arab world into war against the existence of Israel. The Khartoum declaration forced the Israel defense ministry to form the Israel military Government after the formation of the Government of National Unity whereby the former opposition leaders with new ministers-the new political arrangement in Israel were a form of public propaganda that effectively allowed the Jews to psychological prepare for war (IMFA 1). Enormous amounts of weapons, air power visibility and tankers belonging to Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Israel and her allies was created an image of disaster-oriented war that further intimidated the local and ordinary people from participating in making of peace.

The Soviet Union did conduct routine maneuvers that further pushed the Arab world into the conspiracy that allowed the Russians communism bloc to assume rewarding political control over the Arab world more than the US and the Western powers. Richard Parker proposes theories that claim that the US-Israel plotted to bring down the Nasser power by provoking the Syrian border knowing that Egypt could participate. Conversely, the Israel claim that the Egyptian led war was as a result of Russian Jews prejudice campaign that could be equated to Nazism. Therefore the only way to peace is through faithful involvement of in-depth negotiations between the Arab world and the Israel allies in order to establish a truce of peace for sometime to allow the involved parties to rectify old history of injustices with proper handling of logical peaceful terms and elimination of hardliner tactics like the military action of Israel and PLO. At the same time declarations like the Khartoum and Israel military agreements with the western world should be denounced in honor of Middle East peace that can be achieved by involving both sides.

In conclusion, the Arab-Israel conflict is a representation of the cold war with other major powers bargaining in an extensively organized theatre of wart that has detrimental affected the life of the Arab countries with numerous causalities of war and lack of provisions. Therefore, since sophisticated military conquest has brought more trouble, more rebellion and distrust amongst the neighbors, peaceful negotiations and agreements can work out if truth is to reign.

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