The Struggle for a Better Life

Both episodes of Morgan Spurlock documentary are a perfect representation of the extremes that individuals go through in order to make their lives better. Individuals will move from one job to another, sacrifice their health care as well as live vulnerable lives. All this is done with the hope that they will save some money and become better people tomorrow. This is, especially, the case that is evident in the minimum wage episode.

Prior to Morgan and his fiancée moving on to Columbia, it would have been difficult for them to experience what the minimum wage earners go through. However, their experiences created a turn of event in the duration of only 30 days. The question here arises, what about the individuals in the same city, who experience the same in their whole life. This call for a moral responsibility for all the society in America to rise to the occasion and help the government and other stakeholders in ensuring that the minimum wage earners has better lives. These can be done by ensuring that those who have more money pay more in terms of insurance so as to cater for those who cannot afford the same. The government should also play a role and protect this part of the minimum wage earners by raising the minimum wage to a level where one is able to cater for their essential needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

On the immigration episode, it is evident that illegal immigrants are discriminated in America. Even George, who is an immigrant himself having come from Cuba, forgets the same and calls for the Mexican family to be deported back to their country. This group of people tries to make their lives better as demonstrated by Armida. Armida moves from one university to another in pursuit of a better education so as to assist her family, thus making their lives better. However, she is denied that chance to join the America University of her choice as a result of being an illegal citizen. It is evident from this episode, that she left Mexico out of coercion since the situation in that country was unbearable. Therefore they are in America searching for a better haven, which turns to be vice versa as shown in the film.

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