Watching a Movie in a Theatre vs. Watching a Movie on TV

This essay compares and contrasts the watching of movies on TVs vs. watching the movie in the theater. To discuss this issue we need to what experience people are looking for.

The experience of watching movies is rooted on the psychological effects of the movie and the moviemakers realize that every person will perceive the movie in their own way. The impression that is overall is conveyed when people watch the movie in a setting of theater other than on TV in the house. Many people will have the perception that is similar after having seen it on a larger screen with the sound effects that are generous and amplified over many times. Due to the size of the screen, the details of the movie like the actors and the dialogue can be picked up.

Devera & Anderson (2010) stated that the anticipation of watching in the theater is the aroma that is unique in the building interior, the lighting that is subdued, the candy, and to9 relax in comfortable theater sits as one waits to be taken up by the movie are some of the experiences that watching it on TVs are not experienced. This is an excitement that is special that one feels being ahead of the movie, no matter what the movie might be. This happens even when the movie one sees is out being sold while the other is chosen, the experience in the theater can make even a movie that is unanticipated to be acceptable and even enjoyable.

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The tracks of sound are clear and even more impressive when they are heard in the theater. Music in movies might haunt the ears of the viewer at a time but it impacts the sense later. This connects the viewers in theater to the move more than theses watching in TVs.

The films that employ lighting that is low. Using shadows and light to assist in telling the story and given depth impression to what is in a real sense very flat; the actor’s details are easily got by the use of big screens that are in most cases found in the theaters, as compared to home TVs which in most cases are small in sizes. The classic films that are black and white are also enjoyable when watched on big movie screens (Devera & Anderson, 2010)

The TV movie watching, on the other hand, makes one relax at home, also they are not as expensive as watching in the theaters as apart from paying the ticket fee, there are also snacks to buy. TV movie watching also gives a break as one has time to pick the phone or visit the toilet and then continue with the movie or even room to rewind the whole movie is available. One can watch many movies at the cost of TV either rental or in form of free from the public libraries as compared to the number of movies one can watch in theaters (Jason, 2010)

A part from these above, theaters are uncomfortable; the popcorn smell in combination with pre-film commercials that pay for the privilege of avoiding. Most of the time, the temperatures are too high due to a large number of people. As compared to watching in TV at home where there is no smell and watching the slides that you need. As compared to watching the TVs at home, the heaven of rudeness is in the theaters. Last but not least, the theaters do not guarantee the quality as in TVs. Though the sound systems are good but at times they can be too loud to cause pain.

In conclusion, the better venue to watch movies is in the theaters; the theaters are equipped to provide a sensation that is realistic, lead the viewer into the action of the story and even makes the watching experience to be good for the ticket price and sometimes the snacks.

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