A Smuggling Operation

Smuggling is an act that has happened ever since there were regulations or ethical codes, which ban access to a particular human being, or goods, such as drug smuggling, food smuggling or any other product. Drug smuggling has turned out to be a serious issue in nowaday’s world. Many people are using, selling, and buying drugs, thinking it is an easier way of making money, not being aware of all the perils involved. There are various risks involved when smuggling drugs, and all of them diverse depending on the kinds of them. This paper will talk about drug smuggling, such as marijuana in various countries.

Since drug smuggling is growing rapidly, there are some countries attempting to come up with ways to slow it down. For instance, Illinois has a program known as Operation Cash Crop (OCC). This is a combination of the DEA and the ISP, and its main purposes are to find sites where marijuana is and raze all of it. Between the years 1983 to 1988, this program led to four hundred and forty-two arrests, and destroyed more than two million marijuana plants; and in the year 1984, a total number of 64,300 marijuana plants were destroyed along (Scott, Decker & Margaret 209). Another program is Operation Valkritre (OV) and it detained 633 alleged drug smugglers and destroyed around 3,000 kg of marijuana and two thousand kilograms of crack, which were brought into Illinois. One-third of these people were arrested in the year 1988.

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Some of the ways government is attempting to stop drug smuggling is by sending soldiers out to the avenues to aid seizing the drugs there. The government is also using more funds into guarding the boarders against every immigrant bringing banned drugs into the U.S. The government has also put the huge amount of money on building a huge fence passing mainly across the entire southern frontier line. In the coast of the west and east sides, there are hundreds of checking places, as an aid preventing from allowing in prohibited drugs in the country (Desroche 9). For instance, there are around twenty-one sailors, who were detained for smuggling heroin and cocaine to Italy. They had been doing it regularly because most fleet trips are not normally checked on the border for unlawful drugs. There are not a lot of illegal drugs coming across United States boundaries because there are advanced technologies of vessel surveillance and plane to detect drugs.

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The place where the crack is an issue is where a nation does not have funds to support an advanced technology drug resistance near its boundaries. Therefore, these are reasons why places like Mexico and other poor nations, like Russia, have big problems. The majorities of drugs, which seep into America, are normally transported from Mexico. The government is attempting to put more resistance on frontier lines to prevent drugs coming into America (Layne et al 34). Once drugs made it into America they land to Arizona and California, later there are many people who buy them, and once it begins in California, the drugs go to the entire nation. In the East Coast there are not a lot of illegal drugs coming in because it has various checking places, where all products on the vessel are carefully checked to ensure an absence of unlawful drugs. However, on the frontier line of Mexico there are some parts, which have no places for checking the items coming in the country, and that is why more drugs are unlawfully entering the United States of America.

In conclusion, the drug smuggling can easily ruin lives of human beings and the economy of the nation. In a country, which has drugs smuggling activities, the government has to come up with ways to prevent and stop illegal drugs from coming into a country, thus investing some money into an expensive drug-preventing program.

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