Against Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is a practice of only consuming of plant-based diets such as consuming vegetables, legumes and other edible plants. There are some vegetarians who include consumption of animal products such as milk and other dairy products and eggs, and some others who do not consume these products. Almost every individual who consumes meat has had an encounter with individuals who are vegetarian. The vegetarians will then proceed to preach to the meat eater on the suffering they cause to animals and even gone a step further to comparing consuming of meat to cannibalism. This article looks at the advantages of having a meat diet and why an individual should never be a vegetarian.

A lot of vegetarians believe that their diet makes them healthy that the individuals who consume meat. This is very true and it cannot be discredited that a vegetarian diet has a lot of benefit to people, but also an omnivorous diet that is well balanced is by far better than the vegetarian diet. Studies have proved that consumption of a vegetarians diet will fail to provide Vitamin B12, D, and iron to the individual and some of the people can suffer from challenges such as anemia. Also, people on a vegetarian diet will not have access to omega-3 fatty acids that are crucial in the body. Also, there is the challenge of atherosclerosis, which can be slowed down by unsaturated acids that meat provide and also reduction of triglyceride levels, thus can act as an agent of anti-inflammatory, and meat has a potential to assist in reduction of depression and other individual disorders. A vegetarian diet has also a very concentration of calcium, thus the bones of a vegetarian according to studies conducted by Oxford University have bones that are less dense and can easily fracture(Zamir, 25).

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A lot of vegetarians also argue on moral grounds against consumption of meat, they will claim that we humans cannot make God happy by killing an animal as the sacrifice. Although this argument has truth in it, there are also some elements of hypocrisy by the vegetarians. It is well known that most vegetarians will decry the slaughtering of animals, but they don’t think of anything like the way we uproot a carrot from the grounds and cook it or use fruits to make juice. It is also important to consider that plants are also living things just like animals that they claim to protect. To prove plants are living, they will grow; respond to light, touch, gravity etc. There are some groups of people who believe that parents have the ability to feel pain. According to the Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology in Switzerland agreed on the leafy just cause, they made a report that claimed that animals need respect and the arbitrary killing of trees is morally wrong just as the eating of meat.

Vegetarian also bring about the humanely treatment argument, vegetarians have personal problems in the way the young ones of animals in a short time are converted into meat that feeds man. It is important for this paper to condemn the terrible old slaughterhouses that treated the animals poorly. But today the slaughterhouses are more humanely as they; and ensure that animals are brought up in a conducive environment and killed also in humanely environment.

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There are a number of organizations that ensure that animals are cared for, an example is Humane Farm Animal Care. This is a nonprofit organization which works for the improvement of animals lives, it works by ensuring that it certifies meat from animals that are humane raised and as well as being Handled. The meats from factories that are certified are meats from animals one is sure the product are from animals treated humanely all the way through. There are some other organizations such as American Humane Association (AHA) that works to help in offering certification of meat for farms that use humane farming methods (Fox, 28). The standards are based on values related to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and also receive input from animal experts and veterinarians.

A lot of vegetarians believe that cultivation of meat it is not good as it works in the harming of the environment. But this person also fail to see that even the cultivation of plants can also have negative effects on the environment. A lot of nonorganic food, today still used a lot of insecticides for pesticide control. These pests that are killed by the pesticides are some of them beneficial to farming and thus destroy nature’s delicate balance. Also, the dangerous pesticides used in farms have an effect on the environment as they can flow to the rivers and water systems. These dangerous chemicals if consumed can have very adverse effects on the consumers which are neurological, the harms from the water from this chemical will also affect fish and other animals. Also, the act of cultivating plants such as cabbages and other vegetables, require a lot of water for them to grow, this can be a challenge during drought or in case of a shortage.

Bodies of vegetarian have a more likelihood of producing more gases than people who consume meat. This is because their body will be unable to digest the complex carbohydrates that are present in a diet of a vegetarian. Therefore a vegetarian will produce more gases like carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane (Iacobbo, 18). Therefore vegetarians also have their challenges and an omnivorous diet is better than a vegetarian diet.

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