Allstate Mayhem


The advertisement is for an automobile insurance company called Allstate. The organization uses peculiar situations in their advertisements. This is to exhibit to their clientele that they can cover them in all situations. The ad runs for thirty seconds (Malekhammoud, 2012). The ad run marketable on television uses a grown-up who claims he is a youth girl and addresses issues in his life. This is what leads to the “mayhem” or accidents. This is what the creators have used to come up with the advertisement. The person in the ad acts like a feminine. He wears pink shades and gets into a pink Dodge Durango. The character receives a text that upsets him from his friend. This character unexpectedly is not troubled in his surroundings as he moves and swerves from side to side. The commercial, of Allstate, uses logos and pathos to locate the scene for the advertisement. This makes the ad understandable and sarcastic to prospective customers. The use of the memorable and humorous situation makes people that are watching the ad memorize the commercial. In addition, the advertisement is so appealing, humorous and ironic that people watching can be made to look for Allstate Insurance.

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The advertisement has used pathos (Ceni, 2005). This is shown in the section where the driver acts as a teenage girl. He is feminine and has pink shades and pink car, but, wears a man’s suit. In addition, the driver becomes sarcastically emotional. He is also upset when he receives a text message. The message is from “BFF” Becky. The text says that Becky has kissed Bobby. The creators used the idea as it is a widespread teenage girl problem. The character in the commercial attempts to expose a characteristic girl who swiftly forgets what is imperative to her. She forgets the surrounding when she hears that the lad she likes is with another girl. In addition, she believes that the boy is not giving her attention. Moreover, the ad portrays the driver as intensely upset; yet, her assumed “BFF” Becky is not that “hot.” In addition, pathos is used in the commercial at that point as it points out how young girls can get emotional and turn against their best friends. The driver later throws her phone at the backseat and reacts sympathetically to her own feelings. She does not care for the surroundings around her automobile. The pink Durango driver is then seen steering towards other vehicles and clips the front end of another car.

Logos are also used in the advertisement (Yalston2, 2012). This is seen when the driver of the car stops to care for the environment. She does not care of what is ahead of her and behaves this way because her best friend kissed her boyfriend. The logo is used in the part since the scenario is not likely to take place. The happening cannot happen to a person who thinks logically as it is not logic. The nature of the accident in the ad is rare. The logo has been used as humor and irony, and many logic and ordinary persons will laugh when they see the advertisement in that situation. Many parents also have young daughters that can fit in the description of the girl in the commercial. The girls can respond in the same way. In addition, parents can consider the advertisement because it depicts the average teenage girl. Nonetheless, the claim is rare in advertisements, and this makes the ad truly hilarious and unforgettable. This makes the advertisement easy for prospective clientele to memorize. This is more so when a person is shopping for an automotive indemnity.

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In conclusion, the advertisement catches a viewer’s concentration due to the multi-dimensional aspect of the commercial. The ad looks funny for most viewers. Nonetheless, the ad presents pathos and logos behind the comedy. This makes the commercial good to analyze (Berger, 2011). This is because the ad takes thirty seconds and has logic and emotional appeal. The insurance company has performed well in the commercial by the use of a grown man that wears a suit, but, acts in a sarcastic manner like a teenage girl. This makes the commercial look more like a joke that a genuine claim. The substitution of the man with a real teenage girl can remove the humor in the commercial. This will leave the ad as a real claim. The ad is remarkably short at only thirty seconds long. Allstate has done a commendable job by combining logos and pathos in an entertaining fashion. The commercial is made funny by the irony in the character’s voice that is combined with a weird condition. This makes the ad funny and easy to remember. An emotional and logic appeal is created by the character. He drives a pink vehicle and uses his sarcastic approach to demonstrate that even the strangest claims; can be covered with Allstate.

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