American History Issues

Question 1: Explain the most important policy reforms and achievements made under Democratic leadership in the New Deal of the 1930’s and the Great Society of the 1960’s. Explain how and why nevertheless the Republicans displaced the Democrats to become the governing majority in the 1980’s.

The New Deal of the 1930’s was practically released by President Franklin Roosevelt to assist the entire American society in making a good recovery from the major devastating economic situation that the country has been under after the First World War. It has been mentioned through history, that the New Deal of 1930 has provided the entire country of the direct source of hope that they needed to be able to come by a particular situation that has granted them the chance to recover from a serious downfall. The New Deal Further insisted on the three major “R’s” that has been given primary attention during this specific campaign for reform. The three “R’s” mentioned included that of the relief to the unemployed, reform of the business industries and the recovery of the economy. These three considerations were the primary foundations of the New Deal that made the process more effective in appealing to the masses.

After the World War Two, the United States has practically come into a much controllable situation that gave birth to the Great Society of the 1960’s. More concerned in providing America with the right kind of disposition it needs to mandate the development that it has to face in the coming years, this era in the American history paves way to the programs that freed the American society as a whole. Democracy was most realized during these times.

Although the leaders mentioned herein who established the programs mentioned are Democrats, the Republicans were still able to displace the Democrats in governing the America’s majority due to the fact that they are concerned in processing the progress of the American region as one nation, while on the other hand, Democrats wanted to give the glory to other neighboring countries as well. At this time, America was more concerned in developing as one united nation than that of worldwide ally to nations around the globe.

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Question 2: What were the major events that identified American involvement in the Cold War? How did American involvement in the Cold War differ most fundamentally from its involvement in the WWI and WWII.

The displacement of the idealism between USSR and the USA existed due to the fact that they are under different thoughts towards developments. The United States was more concerned in giving way towards the possibility of developing a free market that would host towards the international camaraderie of business industries around the globe. The USSR region on the other end is practically maintaining a great control on their country as well as that of their allies through the use of communism. In this regard, they are managing to at least insist on the non-capitalist system thinking that this would do a greater cause of control and a better sense of organization especially when it comes to economic diversity and strong stance as it would host the needs of the country towards the allies and not the other way around. This difference of thinking towards world connections has practically set USA and USSR apart resulting to Cold War.

As of the connection of this situation to that of the process undergone for the WWI and WWII, the United States did not take much of the center stage during these particular eras. Most likely, they simply supported their support to the allies. Nonetheless, comes WWII when they were hit by Japan in Pearl Harbor, then they became directly involved as a solo fighter against Japan. It is through this situation that the USA finally took center stage in the war, unlike that of the Cold War that they are the considered perpetrators of the situation, although supposed to have an indirect effect on the part of the development of the entire situation, the USA has had a direct indication on the development of the matter that has been undergone by two prominent regions of the world that resulted to silent misunderstandings not only between them but also to those that are considered as their subjects.

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