Aspects of Justice

Justice does not have a clear definition due to its complexity. However, it is widely agreed that justice is what is perceived by the common man to be fair (Walker, 1992). A common man is the local citizen of a certain country. In case there is a dispute in the society between different individuals, a solution to the dispute has to be found. In the modern days, most people rely on the courts for the purpose of settling their disputes or determination of criminal cases. The prosecutor has to gather evidence and the judge who determines the case has to be involved in the hearing. Both sides of the case have to be heard by the judge or magistrate. The outcome of the case is what will determine whether the case was just or not. In case the local people will view the outcome of the case as fair, then justice has been done to the victims. However, if the outcome is viewed as unfair, then justice has not been done. In this case, it may lead to consequences to both the victims and offender. The offender may end up being convicted wrongly or freed. The victims may not get what they deserve. The paper will discuss in details the three aspects of justice in the world today.

Aspects of justice

There are three aspects of justice in the society today. The first aspect is the law which forms the legislation. The law is generally a set of rules and regulations made for the purpose of governing the society. These laws form the fist basis used to determine justice. Whenever the law is broken, then there are consequences which have been spelt out in the same law. The law also states the procedures to be used so as to get justice. If any part of the law is not followed during the process, then it is considered unlawful and cannot guarantee justice. Within the law, there are two aspects which include civil law and criminal law. Civil laws are used to determine grievances in the society, while criminal laws are used to address dangerous crimes committed in the society (Wolfgang, 1990).

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The other aspect of justice in the society is the judiciary which comprises of the courts. These courts of law as they are commonly referred to is the most important aspect of justice. It provides a venue where disputes are solved and justice administered. The court is usually comprised of the judge, the prosecutor, and the defense council. The prosecutor brings the charges against the individuals or groups. He also places the evidence to link them to the charges. The defense counsel will then argue the case and try to defend the accused persons. The judge will hear the urguments from both sides and scrutinize the evidence placed before the court, and then he will make the final decision which is the judgment (Walker, 1992).

In case the offender is found innocent, he is acquitted and set free. However, if he/she is found guilty, he/she is fined or sent to the correctional facilities. This forms the third aspect of justice. In most countries, the correctional facilities are the prisons. The offenders will be confined within the prison for the time they have been sentenced. The prisons have various purposes. They act as a confinement for offenders to prevent them from perpetrating further crimes in the society. The other purpose is to reform the offenders before they are reintegrated back to the society. Additionally, prisons confine those who have been given capital punishment as they await execution. When the guilty are imprisoned, then justice is perceived to have been done.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that justice is a procedure that involves three steps. When all these steps are followed, then there is a chance of the victims and offenders getting justice. The paper further clarifies that the justice system is not for the purpose of just sentencing the offenders, but it provide the ground for both sides to tell their story. This is then determined by a judge who is experienced in matters concerning the law.

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