Becoming a Split Department Manager

The main reason for the merging would have been the need for expansion, and this comes with more responsibilities, opportunities, challenges, and accountability. A plan of action will be essential for me to ensure a smooth transition of the affiliation. The main responsibility here will be to provide overall leadership to ensure proper regulation of the two healthcare facilities. The two-year experience gained in the former hospital will be adequate to learn from and will form a strong management foundation for the two hospitals. The number of staff under me has almost doubled and I need to be more of a team player than a team leader. It is necessary to learn the office culture of the new hospital and compare with the office culture of the former hospital in order to come up with a standard code of conduct for both hospitals. It is also important to analyze all the challenges that I faced in my former hospital as well as the management challenges that have been faced by the new hospital (Etzioni, 1964).

Employees are motivated differently, thus I need to learn of what motivates the staff of the new hospitals. Understanding the management structure of the new hospital will be essential as well. Comparison of the different facilities found in the two hospitals is very important, since in future, the hospitals may be sharing some of the facilities, and hence proper logistics is essential to ensure smooth flow of the facilities between the two hospitals. My presentation skills need to be advanced since I will be presenting more reports and facilitating meetings at different venues as compared to the earlier assignment. Frequent travelling will also be another change in my assignment since I have to coordinate duties in two hospitals that are apart. My supervisory role will also double as I will have two assistant supervisors, one from each hospital, reporting to me (Gross, 1968).

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This split-department management will have an impact on my efficiency because I will have to take some time to adjust to the increased workload. To compensate for this change, I will need to work hard and sometimes even out of work hours to ensure the smooth transition, and I will seek more guidance from both my seniors and juniors. More training will be also helpful. The specific management skills on which I will now have to concentrate more are the ones that will be geared towards improving the efficiency of the hospitals, resource streaming and attracting additional customers. My other management responsibility will be ensuring smooth communication between the various departments and the two hospitals at large (Etzioni, 1964).

A number of other issues, such as the change in management, may affect my management role. Change in management in any institutions affects the smooth running of operations for some time before the transition picks up. Building employee loyalty will also affect my management since it will take some time for the staff from the new hospital to learn my ways and built trust in me. It will also take some time for me to familiarize with the new environment. Designing a new process management for both hospitals will have an impact on my management level since each hospital has its own management process. Proper tools for employee appraisal will need to be designed and the employees need to be enlightened on the same (Young, 2010).

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