Biblical Answer to Todays Problems

Good leadership in among Christians is determined by all the members of the church despite the position they take in the hierarchy. Unity is one of the most important factors to be maintained among the Christians for positive growth of their church. Good cohesion among the members promotes understanding and wisdom of the members when it comes to solving problems that may arise in the church. The board of the church is the one that should always make final decisions concerning the crisis that come up in the church hence maintaining peace and unity among the Christian members.

Church leadership may not be an easy task hence needs one to make wise decisions when leading the sheep of God. Lack of unity among the Christians makes it difficult when leading them because you may not come up with a single solution due to the many parties in the church. Issues concerning church leadership should be solved by the church board that helps in problem-solving. The board first identifies what the cause of the problem is before it takes any step to solve it. For example in the case where one of the four deacons is the pastor of the church, the board should sit down and get the basis of the problem after which they will find out the solution to the issue. Such an issue can affect the family of the member involved with the matter. He should, therefore, inform the family members about the issue in order to be prepared for anything that may happen.

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Division of labor among leaders should be done in a manner that all members are given chance to participate. In the case where one of the pastors has organized a crusade to spread God word to the people of a given area nobody should interfere with his plans. To maintain the peace of the church members let those he chose to chair the crusade take their part. From the book of 1Corinthians 3:9, 10 we are told that we are all co-labors and therefore should work in unity with other team members. The verse tells us that when working in a team, everyone is required to work to his full capacity. In this case, a good Christian should encourage effective participation in the crusade by all members.

Church leaders should take time in guiding and counseling the youths regarding their social life and how to coup-up with challenges that they overcome. In the case where one of the youths is pregnant and the parents, want the issue to be kept private the leader should try finding a solution to the problem. As a wise leader, you should encourage the parents and the couple to be honest and disclose the issue to the members of the church. This will then give chance to the church community to forgive and also restore back the couple to the church after accepting their mistake.

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