Blue Man Group

The role of artwork in the society has been so large that it impacts on not only on our identities but on our feelings, behaviors and interactions as well. My recent visit to Blueman in Chicago opened my eyes and reinforced my belief in the extent at which art impacts on our feelings. There were really high levels of creativity and sense of innovation in the recent filed of art.

The piece of artwork I saw was a tantalizing performance of rock music that opened with the banging of the drums and addition of paint to the drums. On banging the drums, pieces of paint flew up while scattering around the players and the drums. The plates then artistically made paintings on a piece of board and held it over the drums. The intention of the artwork was actually to impact on the audience to highest as much as possible. The players then played a game with gum balls that involve throwing them to each other’s mouth across the stage. This was fused with beats of music as the events were unfolding and these activities were being carried out.

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At this point, they drew the interest of the crowd and the players threw marshmallows at the people while walking up and down the isle. The feeling was electrifying in that by this time the crowd was fully absorbed with some members of the crowd joining the reverie. The climax of the moment was when a young girl in the crowd joined the players and sat funnily while chewing twinkies. The players hung a young boy upside up after putting him in a white jumpsuit and blue, swung him around a whiteboard. The whole emotional effect and the general feeling in the room was nothing close to what I believed a simple piece of art performance could accomplish. This was an awesome time that I believe I would definitely repeat and recommend to anyone seeking to have a quality time. Blue Man Group gave one of the most innovative art piece that should be emulated and repeated for the advancement of artwork.

The artwork is a real representation of the modern type of art performance that is fused with simple stage acts for greater impacts on the audience. Staged at Blue Man in Chicago, the performance was a real demonstration of creativity and innovativeness. To come up with the best analysis of the artwork, I adopted the oral questionnaire approach to interview both the performers and the audience with a view of generating data from both sides.

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Whereas the performers insisted that the art as presented with the most level of simplicity and as the creation of personal initiatives, the viewer’s attitude was that of surprise and joy at the tantalizing presentation. One book that I found had a strong literal connection with the performance was After modern art: 1945-2000 by David Hopkins that was published in 2000. As an artist, Hopkins believed in a mixture of simplicity, creativeness and innovativeness in the advancement of modern artworks. These combinations were critical in enhancing the impact of the performance on the viewers.

Whereas I had the belief that quality performances were presented at Blue Man in Chicago, I did not expect the level of presentation to be as high as was presented. My reaction towards the artwork was that art is an effective tool in the society that should be natured for the provision of the best in enhancing personal feelings and identity. I appreciate my decision to go to Blue Man have the best presentation for a very long time I had close interaction with art.

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