Causes and Effects of Advertising for Blood Donations in the Past 30 Years


Donating blood is a very important action. This is because it helps in saving lives of people who are anaemic. These actions interest many people, especially people less than 30 years of age. The procedure is simple, and it takes not much time, usually less than 20 minutes. Besides, there is no specific place for undertaking the procedure. This makes it be done at any location. Blood donation is a voluntary activity performed by many people ranging from students to those employed. This procedure has been done for over thirty years. However, the only limitation that makes students not to be able to donate blood is the low age among the majority of them. Mobile centers used to donate blood make high school a potential source of blood. Low age among the high school students makes them be restricted to blood donation. They have to seek permission from their parents before undertaking such an action.

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The advertisements that are put in place to inform people to donate blood have made many students get directly involved in the advertisements. This has made the students organize clubs as well as small organizations to aid in the operation. This has ensured success of donating blood. This is because the students are given an opportunity to save lives. Thus, the cause of students getting involved in advertisements regarding blood donations has had two major effects. First, there is an additional amount of blood. Secondly, students influence their colleagues to get involved in the action.

The advertisements on blood donations have also have an impact on the majority of companies and corporations. These advertisements have these organizations to have blood donation centers on their premises. In addition, they have come with some incentives to ensure their staff can stay away from work so as to get involved in blood donation. This has attracted many employees from all age groups to get to participate in donating blood both on and off holidays. This has helped in meeting short falls in blood experienced during many seasons of the year.

In the government, many agencies have joined the race of ensuring that blood donation is a success. The pictures displayed in the advertisements of people requiring blood have greatly helped to increase donation. This has made most governments establish some funds to support activities that can increase blood donation among individuals. The arms of governments that are greatly involved in the promotion of blood donation are the ministries of health and that of defense. However, this varies from one region to another depending on the structure of a government of a particular country. The military is another agency of the government that is also greatly involved in the cause of blood donation. The military is composed of a majority of young and healthy individuals who are donors by themselves.

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The commands from the military give people incentives to donate blood as well. Besides, the divisions within the military usually engage in some contests so as to which department is able to donate as much blood as possible. Finally, individuals voluntarily agree to be contacted by blood banks in emergency cases so as to donate blood. Thus, the advertisements make the government greatly get involved in blood donations. This is a step towards ensuring that no deaths result of the lack of blood. This is because the government commits itself both in supporting blood donations advertisements as well as getting directly involved in the actual blood donations through the employees.

Advertisements about blood donations are also educative. They highlight to people the advantages blood donations offer to the donors of blood. For example, most people are always told that the process of blood donation enables you to know your blood group. This makes many people greatly involve in the exercise as much as possible. Secondly, in case they need urgent blood, they are always assured of blood at no cost. The ultimate results of advertisement of this sought is drawing the attention of individuals who may be of selfish interests. Most people refuse to donate blood, because they argue that they would still buy it in case they need it.

Advertisements have dealt away with this notion, and many such people are among the active blood donors. Another benefit individuals accrue from donating blood is that they get instant information on their pulse rate, blood pressure and their level of hemoglobin. People who donate blood frequently have lower chances of getting myocardial infarction.

Blood donations have also resulted in dangerous side effects among individuals. This includes sore arms, fatigue and bruising. The worst side effects from blood donations have included death. This has been witnessed among anemic individuals who donate blood. This worsens their situations, and they suffer from severe anemia, which normally results to death if no action is taken.

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The effects of blood donation to economies are significant. Blood donations help in driving the success of an economy. This is because as blood supply in the blood bank is maintained, people’s lives are saved. A healthy nation is the secret behind economic growth. Blood donations also help in detection and prevention of cardiovascular and other blood-related diseases. This further helps in fostering a healthy nation which can work to stimulate economic growth. Thus, blood donation helps in meeting emergency blood needs of an economy. This is because patients depend on blood transfusion daily to ensure that lives are saved. A person who donates blood is rewarded by the life he/she save.

Several claims have been raised concerning blood donations advertisements. People prohibited from donating blood have refused such advertisements to be conducted in the regions where they live. This includes those living with HIV/AIDS. Blood from such people can lead to increased infections of HIV among people who get such blood. This blood can also contaminate clean blood leading to further loss. Gays are not allowed to donate blood and this the UN considered satisfactory.

In conclusion, blood donation is a result of many factors. This includes advertisements to the initiatives from people themselves. Blood donation is very important as it helps to save the lives of individuals hence accelerating economic growth. There should be measures put in place to ensure that some claims about donating blood are handled well. In addition, more emphasis on blood donation should be done by all publics so that deaths are minimized due to blood shortage. Finally, adverse effects on the donors of blood should be prevented.

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