Chief Nursing Officer

Since I am pursuing a dual degree in the nursing sphere, I have decided to follow and learn from a chief nursing officer. The experience provided me with valuable insights and an understanding of the pitfalls of the profession.

Thanks to the job shadowing experience, I noted the major duties and responsibilities of a chief nursing officer I followed. Responsibilities included various tasks related to nursing practice. One of the most important assignments was associated with the work environment and overall professional atmosphere since it was the commitment of the chief nursing officer to ensure that people felt comfortable while working at the hospital, and they did not have any conflicts or misunderstandings with each other. It was also her duty to verify constant updates on the changes and innovations within the organization. I noticed how a chief nursing officer paid attention to every little detail, and she spent a great amount of time simply talking with the nurses and monitoring their daily tasks to make sure everything was in place and working efficiently.

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The chief nursing officer also acted to implement different strategies; it was she who defined and presented the day’s objectives to the other workers and discussed daily issues and ways to solve them. The chief nursing officer monitored the process of implementing the changes and following the goal set for the day. I also noticed the task to make sure that nurses perform their jobs well. She was there to analyze and evaluate their performance and communicated with them whenever their work differed from the set expectations.

Although she did not do it on the day I shadowed her, the chief nursing officer explained that one of her duties was also related to commercial control, as she was the one monitoring and analyzing financial reports and business goals of the organization. When she talked to different nurses, I noticed that various recommendations also depended on the financial expectations and the set budget.

The main important duty appeared to be communication. The chief nursing officer emphasized spending enough time with all of the personnel, and she paid extra attention to seeing and discussing different needs and problems the workers encountered during the day. She guided them, gave them advice, and provided them with support and help to deal with various issues. It was her authority, which influenced the other workers, and she knew the necessities and possible problems of different employees alongside potential solutions to these issues.

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Therefore, the job appeared as such which had huge responsibilities since the entire organization relies on the support and advice of a single individual. However, these duties lead to great benefits. One of the most substantial ones is the ability to make a change within the organization because it enables the person to influence others and bring new professional standards into the workplace. Another advantage is the managerial position, so it is possible to predict various modifications and implement needed innovations. In addition, thanks to the outside research, I learned that the chief nursing officer receives an attractive salary especially in comparison to other professionals within the organization (University Alliance, n.d.).

I believe the obstacles are also related to responsibilities. The job is really all about the people and the way a professional arranges the communication with them. Therefore, depending on one’s people skills, a professional can either succeed or fail. The difficulties are bureaucracy, the lack of time to establish meaningful connections, and the higher position, which sometimes makes the communication more distant and less effective. Among the obstacles, there is also an issue of always staying within the limits of the budget, which sometimes prevents implementing some necessary changes.

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I am deeply motivated by the person I spent the day with thanks to her passion for what she does. Now, I would really like to work in the same position. I got inspired by the ability to communicate with people and bring positive change because the profession was about sharing one’s knowledge. I believe it is a very important duty, which is something I would like to do later on. Besides, there were others, less altruistic reasons, which motivated me. The salaries are quite high, and also the position is very advanced, so it requires a lot of studying, which I love. Moreover, the job enables an individual to have more freedom and abilities to implement needed changes than other positions, and it is another ground to look forward to getting this occupation.

I found the post extremely interesting, and I realized that I chose the right profession. Now, I need to focus on different skills to achieve my goals. For instance, if I want to reach the level of a chief nursing officer, I need to work on my communication skills besides the medical ones. It also means being able to combine both aspects of learning. I acquired a knowledge that in order to succeed as a chief nursing officer, I will be obliged to have a considerable amount of experience and practice to understand the pitfalls and specifics of working in a medical organization or a hospital, and I will also have to improve my financial and planning skills. Therefore, the job shadowing experience explained to me the areas I needed to focus on and strengthened the fact that I chose the right degree for myself.

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