Children Wear – Zara vs. Target


Retail markets apply different analytical skills and strategies to attract more customers and maintain the customer base. The analytical skills are also used for the purposes of branding, growth opportunities and targeting customers. This essay analyses the activities of Zara Children’s wear as the masterpiece to help developing design companies in their endeavor to rise to greater heights. This paper seeks to critically analyze the specific market analytical skills for Children’s clothing – Zara and mass merchant – Target.

History of the Stores

Children wear – Zara is a retailer store based in Spain which retails in children clothing and accessories. It was founded in the year 1975 by Rosalia Mera and Amancio and Ortega. Through the years, the retail stores have developed new products in relation to the new trends and customer needs. Zara retail stores are a fast fashion production situated in low-cost countries. It uses a zero advertising policy as a strategy in order to invest more revenues in the stores. The Zara stores first included and featured popular products which were low prized with a higher end fashion in clothing. In this way, the store was very successful (Torun 2007). However, the design, distribution and manufacture process was changed in the 1980’s in order to get in line with instant fashions. The company got into international expansion in the year 1990 and used groups of designers in the information technologies and improvements. In 1990, Zara used a Toyota Motor Corp approach to increase its productions and distributions. The key retailers are men’s, women’s and children retailers.

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Mass Merchant Target Stores

Mass merchant is one of the highest selling and successful store but is very difficult to get into. However, small producers and investors can get their products from mass merchants easily. Mass merchants are massive department stores which give customers helpful information through the shopping processes. In this way, the customers can easily choose what they need from the vast and extensive product assortments. Mass merchant stores are dominated by departmental stores and mass merchandisers such as Target. Mass merchants (Target) are the oldest business in the world dated from 3000BC. In 2007, Zara recorders a 25% rise. Recently, its sales recorded a 15% sales margin increase.
Target stores opened its doors in the year 1961 and experienced rising public demand. This was because of the friendly environment, convenient merchandize and lower prices. In the 1970’s, Target stores expanded significantly in terms of corporate identity, technology and opportunist purchases. The store’s heritage was a valuable addition to the potential growth and exclusive relationship with other departments and businesses. The key retailers are pharmacists, supermarkets, furniture fixtures and other retailers. Target stock values jumped from 7.55% to 44.32% in 2009.Recently Target shares are up 28%.

Mechanize Techniques

Zara specialty chain is a chain store whose products range from children’s clothes to men wear and women’s fashion. The store has an international advantage over other foreign stores. However, its advantage over other stores and market growth has remained mysterious. Zara’s success is as a result of its location and history. Additionally, the stores intuitive business strategies have also added to the store’s success (Schermerhorn 2010). In this way, Zara store rides on a winning retail trend based on an effective combination of low prices and real fashion. Product and design development in Zara is approached from an intensive people process which helps in communication with customers and information within the store. It is important to note that Zara store makes quick decisions, has an inventory control, has a clear distribution channel and closely watches buying and trend behaviours within the fashion industry. In this case, Zara marketing strategies is based on product variety in order to speed up the stores sales and promotions.

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Target supply chain, on the other hand, is a chain distribution chain or store that meets most f the target requirements. It is one of the best retail brands. Target stores are mass merchants which carry many types of products to different classes and types of people. In this way, the merchants make high sales for the potential customers. However, the best way is to get hot selling products that move at a fast rate. Buyers in the target mass market meet through exhibiting trade shows or in an office. However, trade shows are the fastest way to meet buyers. Another common way of meeting buyers is through local buying programs. The local buying programs allow the local managers to try the products at their local stores. This program works best if controlled by a regional manager who manages 8 to 10 stores. Other times a buyer may decide to find a manufacturer or independent sales representative. In this case, the independent sales representative acts as a marketing or sale arm which distributes and advertises the goods. It is important to note that not all vendors are accepted some get turned down. This is because other vendors do not have an electronic data interchange capability, the merchant had no idea where to put the products and when a buyer only has one product which is too much for the company.

Customer Observations at Children wear Zara and Target

It is important to note that the supply chains are very effective. This is because the retailer does not only cut costs but also eliminates all invalid and missing target observations. In this case, the mass merchant targets are lower the middle-income merchants. It is interesting to note that consumers in the middle level are suffering because of the recession rate. Therefore, Target chain targets new consumers who are interested in the non-conspicuous consumption. In this way, the consumers who were forced into tradeoffs can mold and influence their values. Additionally, due to the economic downturn, Target influences the consumer values, consumer wellness, and consumer health and consumer sustainability in the environment. This simply means that the consumer enjoys quality as opposed to quantity. However, the repercussions for the same can only be fully understood by redirecting and rethinking strategies for the merging needs or new consumer needs. Target chain has a strong steady cash flow that is fundamental for the next phase of growth. In this way, Target knows;
It is buyers and consumers- developing shopper interests and superior customer insights are strategic implications which are considered by the organization. The channels or the store prioritizes market efforts and allocation of resources. It also generalizes a broadly based customer survey which is critical in targeting the new consumer and meets the values and needs of the customers (Hines 2012).
Understand specific implications of the organization – Target has an inept and clear understanding of the consumer original research. In this way, they question the validity of the strategies and modify the plans laid down. As a result of this, Target is structured in a way that allows the organization to respond and be sensitive to market opportunities in order to succeed.
Plan for the uncertain- Target visually predicts the level and accuracy of recession. In this way, the chain is able to develop and initiate contingency plans in order to plan for alternative courses of action in case of a recession.
Define the role and meaning of innovation- Target clearly defines the role and meaning of innovation. This is evident from its customer-centric investments, which encourages consumers to make smart investments.

Customer needs at Mass Merchant Target Stores

The success of mass merchant companies basically is as a result of superior services and superior products. This is because Target understands the needs of the customers which is to get superior products and superior services. In this case, Target gives detailed and extra attention the customer’s needs and priorities. This has enabled the mass merchants to give the top and best services and service the demand of outlets in order to satisfy the customer needs. In its vision statement, the Target mass merchants have developed strong relationships with their retailers and customers as well. Target constantly seeks to deliver exciting and innovative products to its customers.

Customer needs at Children wear Zara

Zara is the home for the best children, men and women’s fashion. The chain designs children where at many discounted prices. However, this does not mean that the clothing’s are of poor quality. On the contrary, the clothing’s at Zara are classic, unique, original and comfortable. This is because the Zara stores are sensitive to the customers’ needs. Zara is aware of its customers’ needs. In this way, the store has designed fashionable children and kids clothing according to the needs of the customer. In this case, the kids and children have a chance of being fashionable at a discounted price. The clothes trendy colors are simply out of the natural and reflect the latest trends that money can buy. It is important to note that Zara fashion forward is budget friendly yet popular at the same time. This strategy is aimed at attracting more customers and maintaining the existing customers.

Classifications and Class Ranges

Children wear – Zara has been classified as a fashion imitator. This is because of Zara’s traditional fashion influence which predicts season trends and its focused attention on customer wants and needs. Zara offers more products as compared to its other key competitors. In this way, the stores have shortened product lifecycle. This simply means that if a product does not sell within a specified time, it is removed from the shelves and a new product introduced.
Children wear Zara is a flagship chain with different styles of informal, daily children clothes and fashionable clothes for children, women and children (Lincoln 2009). The kiddy section has clothes for kids from the age of 0 to 14 years of age. The stores also have youthful designs with a sense of style, casual and laid back clothing and accessories. In this case, Zara has a wide classification of children clothing available for all classes.

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Mass merchants are instrumental in the development, support and execution of business plans in order to achieve quality results and success on the same. Target stores offer more style, more fun and more value as compared to other stores. Target always offers low prices. In this way, the store is able to reach every class of people. It also integrates new ideas by developing a super target concept. Target also uses a one-stop, no-hassle shopping experience concept for most of its customers. Target stores have a fun, fast and friendly environment which has a positive impact on the employee and customer turnover. Target is able to reach different customer class ranges because of its fun shopping experience, fast shopping experience and its friendly environment.

Selling Environment

Target stores have a very friendly shopping experience. Therefore, customers are able to shop extensively and comfortably. A comfortable, friendly and easy selling environment is part of a marketing strategy that attracts potential customers and new customers. This is a very effective strategy which is evident from the Target stores rule on the retail sector and its continued growth. This has also been proven from the history of sales at Target and other mass merchants. Target enjoys top-line revenues and continued growth due to its selling environment.Similarly, Children’s wear – Zara enjoys a large customer base and higher profits because of maintaining and encouraging a friendly selling environment.

Merchandize Presentation

Planning, branding and brand management is a very important attribute at Target stores. This is because it helps to provide customers with quality, stylish and great value merchandize presentation. It also helps in innovative product assortments and development of business strategies. The environmental team members from different stores simplify the shopping experience and shopping through merchandize presentation. It is important to note that a visually appealing merchandize presentation promotes innovative experiences and directly impacts the customer bottom line. Similarly, Children clothing – Zara has a unique merchandize presentation that recognizes the value, convenience and choice of its customers. In this way, the merchandize is presented in a way that shows the core fashion apparel, passion, quality, style and glamour.

Major Trend Overview

The major trend overview in relation to both the Target stores and Children’s wear – Zara are different and unique. The trend fashion styles at Zara range from winter kid’s collection, junior collection, spring children’s collection and spring kid’s collection. Zara releases the latest models of children and kids collection in the market. A target retailer operates in different countries but all the merchandizing strategies are consistent. In my view, Target retail stores will continue to enjoy top-line revenues and continued growth. I also think that next year, Target retail stores will continue to catch the eyes of existing and potential customers through its fun, stylish, fast and friendly shopping experiences.

Nation Brands and Designer Names

Target retail stress has national target brand known as the up& up. This is a national target brand that offers expanded product promotions. The Target retail stores have a common practice by which all the retail stores offer a one-stop shopping customer experience. The Target retail stores designer names include; Stewart K. Widdess who associated and developed a new discount base. The other important target brands and designer names include; Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Graves, Liz Lange, Mossimo Giannulli, Converse, Fiorucci and others.
Children’s clothing – Zara national brand simply communicates every little and big detail in relation to the store’s product line and quality products. Its national brand establishes a relationship between the store and its customers and stakeholders. Paloma Díaz Soloaga is one of the stores brand designers (Floor 2006). However, Zara does not completely rely on the marketing model as a marketing tool. Other brand names include; Massimo Duti amongst many others. In my view, I think that Children clotting Zara has missed a lot of opportunities for business by dealing with only children wear. Children’s clothing – Zara customer base is restricted to children and kids. On the other hand, the Target retail store customer base is not restricted to any age, gender or income classes. In this case, Target stores have a higher and better customer base as compared to Children’s clothing’s – Zara.


Children clothing’s – Zara and Mass merchant – Target are unique and exceptional stores that offer the different range of products. However, the two specialty markets differ in many aspects including; the sales volume, market strategies, growth rate, brand names, trend overviews, marketing models, communication, environment and customer approach. Strict adherence to these market prospects increases the profit margin, customer base and encourages business growth. Their Impact to the Spaniard economy cannot be ignored. Other developing design companies should consider employing the high level of skills incorporated by the Zara and Mass Merchant.

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