Civil Disobedience

The term civil disobedience can be defined as the active, professed refusal to obeying some laws or rather rules, commands or even demands of a particular government or even any other occupying international power. Apparently, civil disobedience is commonly, though not all the time, referred to as the being nonviolent resistance. It happens to be one form of civil resistance. From a particular view, it can be said that it is compassion which is in the form of courteous disagreement. Actually, one of its given initial great implementations was just introduced by Egyptians and this was against the British occupation during the 1919 Revolution. It is worth noting that civil obedience is one of the various ways most of the people have rebelled against what has for the quite long time been perceived as unfair laws. Actually has been very much useful in India in several nonviolent resistance movements. This was during campaigns spearheaded by Gandhi and they preceded the country’s independence from the British Empire.

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A case to consider is Cuba’s case, a country that has for quite under some time faced embargo under the president Fidel Castro. Take for example when Castro was urged not only by the U.S. but also multilateral pressure in order to release prisoners with regard to the report delivered by the U.S. representative, Diaz-Balart. Raul Castro, a brother to Fidel Castro has maintained the system used by his brother when it was a question or repressing critics. This was preceded by a defiant act of refusing to free scores of people who had been imprisoned a couple of years ago and also jailing others just for what Human Rights Watch alleged as “dangerousness”. Apparently, this given assessment came into exist owing to Obama’s allegations that he aimed at recasting ties with Cuba and at the moment the Congress is considering lifting a astringent ban on the U.S. travel to the island 145 kilometers from Florida that is normally Communist-run. However, there exist one or two reasons as to why Raul had to defy the order hence openly practicing civil disobedience. In his reasoning, Raul was had thought no one ought to make any accusations whatsoever as he had relied in a certain Cuban law just like a Human Rights Watch said. This law allows for the imprisoning of an individual even before they have committed a crime.

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The above scenario explains why some of the laws passed by the international bodies are normally succumbed to defiance. Even individuals have their own principles in which they believe that they must fulfill regardless of the fact that they may be going against some other set rules that tend to affect others. The fact that Cuba had has its own laws motivated the leaders to make a bold step of defying the voice of the U.S. hence becoming victims of Civil Disobedience hence the laws in a given country are very much bound to make a country become a victim of Civil Disobedience. However, it is worth noting that this may still fail to be the case. At times the great nations tend to intervene in order to stream things by forcing the defiant country abide to the existing rules. This has been the case in not only Cuba but also other countries like Iraq. Also the majority feeling may have to be considered and especially if the country is a member of the U.N or even other global bodies whereby majority of the members are against the country.

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Question 2

History has it that racism was once blatant in the U.S. People were segregated, made slaves and lynching were all visible manifestations crowned by violent antipathy which was towards racial minorities by those who were members of the white majority. It just saddening that most of these racial based human rights violations occurred with the sanction. Sometimes the authorities were involved in active participation.

Experts have concluded the entire truth regarding the U.S. society. The allegations have pointed out that whatever issue termed as true within the United States society also has generally tends to apply to the nation’s execution of the death penalty. Formerly, application of the death penalty was carried out openly. There existed no biasness under the basis of different races whatsoever. However, the current procedures have lawful safeguards that are meant to avert the application of discrimination when it is a question of imposing capital sentences. Regardless of the efforts, still racial discrimination remains deeply ingrained within the contemporary U.S. legal systems. The day to day prejudices of police, judges, jurors and also the prosecutors sometimes tend to be the unconscious by-products due to racial stereotyping. Apparently, these animosities may sometimes be willingly covered; having in their minds those attitudes honestly are unacceptable. In all the above cases there has been evidence capital punishment has been executed under the basis of racism. Even some of the local newspapers have been in the frontline in highlighting the injustices through sharing some of the blame the time they unconsciously give front page.

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