Civil Right Movement

As the civil right movement in the United States grew, Martin Luther King Jr. was able to capture the nation with his philosophy that advocated for non violent resistance. He believed non violent resistance was the best way to eliminate all the societal ills that affected the society and thus help to create a more just society. With his influence and great oratorical skills he was able to emerge as a great leader in the civil rights movement, he was able to make the people to believe in it and they were able to fight racial discrimination challenges in the United States.

King was hugely influenced by the works of Mahatma Gandhi who is regarded to be the father of the non violent movement. When he joined the theological seminary, he sought to discover an end to all the ills that afflict the society. He first was of the belief that the power of love is sufficient enough, but he later concluded that love was only sufficient in solutions that are of personal conflicts and cannot solve complex challenges in the society.

With the influence from what Mahatma Gandhi had achieved in India by employing the non violent means, he discovered that the best weapon to societal ills is the use of non violent struggle combined with love. The non violent struggle later became the centre for all the struggles for the civil right movement.

The non violent struggle is perceived by some people to be a coward act of requesting what should already be guaranteed. Some criticize the non violent movement and argue that it takes a lot of time to achieve result rather than violence which produces immediate reaction. But King argued that if people applied passion in their non violent means they will achieve better results than if they were violent.

According to me the mind is what I can refer to as the consciousness associated with individuality. When the individuality is awakened also does an individuals’ consciousness. When one is young they have not yet developed the individuality but as people grow so also is their individuality that is referred to as the mind, which continues to grow and later becomes clear from the way it was vague when one was developing. The mind works in the protection of an individual’s self identity and works in the distinguishing of one individual from the other.

Everything that exists has its own self identity and the thing can never be something else. The identity can never be anything else apart from what the mind perceives it to be. It is the role of the mind on the issues to do with consciousness as it works to assist in self determining of what is inside an individual.

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The brain is a human organ that has several functions in the body, the brain runs different body activities. Every part of the brain has its own specific role that it plays, each part of the brain has its own discreet function. The brain does physical roles such as calculations, responding to stimuli and other functions. The mind and the body all have their roles to play, in most cases the brain will call for memories, do calculations and other test but the mind will play a part in the provision of feedback if needed. The brain is taken to be a physical organ while the mind is regarded to be a non-physical organ. Both the mind and the brain will work together in the thought process. Even though the role of the brain is technical, the mind will spice the brain idea so as to demonstrate the personality behind the thought.

Political philosophy is the understanding of the relationship between government or administration and the subjects. Political history will answer questions in relation to law, property, justice, and what are the roles and the right of individuals in the society. There is a huge relation between politics and ethics as both issues relate to how individuals in the society are supposed to live. Aristotle argued that human beings are political animals and thus the need for formation of governments that will work in the provision of a better community. The government being the biggest form of the society should endeavor to provide the people with the best to the people.

The questions on political philosophy, therefore is important as it tend to provide the best out of the society and the governments. This is because the government is supposed to be avenues for individuals to achieve self-actualization. The questions should seek to respond to various ills that affect the society and impede to a fair and a just society. The laws set by the government should answer the questions of whether they will provide the people with justice and will treat all equally. On property, the political philosophy will address on issues to do with the distribution of national wealth, share and ownership of property and seek to provide the best method in the society. The political administration should also seek to provide justice to the people and ensure that the roles of the subjects and the rulers are well determined. This will ensure that ever one is aware of their role, freedom and responsibilities in the political administration. A philosopher will seek to answer all questions on political philosophy so as to seek to provide a better society.

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