Cognitive Psychology


Cognitive psychology is a branch of psychology investigating the internal brain activities and operations. It deals with understanding of how people think, speak, remember, and resolve their own internal conflicts. The cognitive psychology accepts scientific methods and in general denies the introspection as an accepted method of exploration and research. This is a contrast of the Freudian Psychology. The approach further recognizes the occurrence of the inner mental states such as the belief, desire and love.

There is the article named The Place of Qualitative Research in Psychology written by Joel Michel of the school of psychology at the University of Sydney and published by the NSW in Australia in 2006. It analyses the concept within the focus of modern psychology, research and its impacts. The approach of the article is mostly through the non-traditional approach to research. It tries to bridge the existing gap between the traditional and nontraditional scientific concepts through some science research methods. The paper concentrates and deeply focuses on different types of research methods in the cognitive psychological theory, its development and the outcomes of the same. It analyses different methods used in analyzing the theory and its development in some time. The article brings out the connection that exists between the psychological development factors and behavior changes and characters.

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The hypothesis of the article is that the fixation upon quantitative methods that characterizes the modern psychology has no justification or standing. The hypothesis disputes the existence of any particular method of coming up with any particular facts of cognitive psychology. The author believes that some scientific and traditional methods should be combined to come up with a tangible and conclusive outcome of any research project. The research was done by combining the traditional and nontraditional methods of data collection. The research methods were most quantitative rather than qualitative. Scientific methods were used to figure out the minor details which cannot be perceived or comprehended by sensory organs. They were used to make and calculate measurements.

The population that was put under research comprised of the people with different characters, behaviors and beliefs. They comprised the people mostly with deviant behaviors, religious beliefs and aggressive abnormal behaviors. The people involved were derived from all genders and age brackets. The researchers selected friendly behaviors and those who portrayed different aspects of hostility. This was meant to bring all characters on bond to allow an easy and comprehensible comparison of all facts.

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The methods of data collection were different and diverse. They were both scientific and traditional. The scientific methods involved the experimentation and taking of measurements. The measurements were those concerned with a growth and development, time factor and overall analysis of other factors with accurate measurements. The tools used in taking these measurements were scientific and accurate in taking the measurements. The other methods used were the observation using such perception organs like ears, eyes and the sense of touch. These were done by individuals with a strong sense of feeling and perception of the factors in question. The use of case study helped to give the researchers a rough idea of what had been expected of them. This meant that the researcher had to take the case study first of all and to get all the concepts and outcomes related to the same. The use of case study further helped the researchers to determine which information was relevant and which was not. The researchers further used a survey as a means of getting the rough concept of what information had been expected from them. The survey helped them getting the information without necessarily going deeply into the field. This is relevant for making a preliminary hypothesis.

The issue of data analysis was necessary to ensure that only the relevant data have been presented. The data analysis method is purely scientific and combines different aspects of measurements that the relevant data do not miss out. It should be done through the consideration of facts from all sides. In this case, this was done to ensure only the palatable information left on the presentation sheet. The level of accuracy of information was weighed at this level. The results of the study showed the methods used to analyze the concepts both reliable and highly dependable. The use of scientific methods only cannot be relied upon to bring out the whole concept of cognitive psychology. The theory involves some dynamic aspects that among other things require that the researcher uses different data collection techniques to get them. The cognitive psychology concept was viewed to be one of the biggest parts of psychology and most modern sciences.

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The Pythagoras theory was one of those widely included in the study. The concept of calculation and the behavior approach of mind were the foremost concerns to researchers. The theory prompted to stimulate the brain of a man to purport what was logic but intangible. The proof for this required some scientific and traditional formulas to bring out clean concepts. The use of psychological aspects to stimulate the brain to fathom was necessary. The theory of the trivial position was of interest in the research. The use of different methods of coming up with the conclusive and satisfactory data was among the principal concepts to be investigated. The use of traditional, nontraditional and scientific data to get some research details was new. Iits test and proof would be new and its success would a marvelous achievement in the field.


In conclusion, it is evident that the research methods used to carry out the study were not accurate and 100% reliable. The methods had a deficiency which affected the outcomes negatively. The outcomes of the research raised some adversities between the concerned parties. The deficiency was extensive and stretched over a long area. The use of one-way evaluated the facts being wrong and affected the outcome results of the research. The concern was that several methods including the scientific evaluation were necessary to weigh the weight of the evidence provided and its credibility. If the method of inquiry only evaluated the evidence in the light of existing facts, then there was some information that would miss in the whole outcome finding. Science requires a concrete method of collection and another credible one for the evaluation. Supplementary methods used differ from one type of research to another one, and, thus, they lack the constancy. The use of observers does not in any way change any facts or elevates the credibility of the same. This is more related to the consideration that the amount of data or details easily perceived by the use of sensory organs is little, and sometimes falls irrelevant. The limitations of observation were not accounted for carrying out the research. The use of exact and particulate numbers gives a false impression of the actual facts on the ground. It would be necessary that the number denotes the continuity as the matters of brain and a human action cannot be exact as the research outcome and data analysis facts tend to indicate. This shows the lack of scientific facts in the whole research and its outcomes.

The research has generated a higher interest of the research in future. These interests are based and founded on the cognitive psychology and human development. The theory most ranges on the development of features and structures in the human body and mind. The development of the fact that human beings are able to perceive in logical happenings and their impacts on their lives brings up a new twist in the research of the theory. The development of perceptual systems to allow them perceiving these facts as an adaptation needs to be scientifically examined to come up with the concrete evidence related to the same. This brings up a whole new idea of research in this wide topic of development. There is a need to determine the relationship between the brain and physical structures of the body and their development process. The issue of applying quantitative measures in psychology is of interest to researchers and comes up with a new venture to research on. The need to determine the extent of indulgence and the outcome of such involvement is demanding. This should be evaluated in relation to the utilization of modern psychology and the utilization of science in such endeavors.

The Pythagoreans have captured a mainstream of psychology. The impacts of this concept are still a mystery and more researches are needed to outline the facts clearly. The outcome of the research on this area can help solving more mysteries in the field of mental psychology. The research may have an appreciable impact on the researchers, the participants and the receivers of the granted information. The research may affect the medical field as the attempts are made to understand and unveil several medical situations and the behavior mechanism. It may also affect the mode of offering the education especially to the youth and the people with individual needs. Other areas that this information may be useful to be included in the military and psychology studies used for mastering and control of crimes by the Special Forces. The research is also likely to affect people undertaking some psychological and religious studies. It may affect how they view and perceive other humans and get a new understanding of their behaviors.

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