Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Communication and collaboration within a group of individuals who have the different personality and learning types is essential. Hence, the assignment shall evaluate strategies of effective communication and collaboration which will be based on three different learning styles. It will further elaborate on three personality types, communication strategies and collaboration support.

Communication and Collaboration Learning Styles

According to Rogers (2009), learning styles are features which are used to identify someone’s goals and reveal the strong and weak points. Use of music as a learning style has proved to be effective, since many people like music with passion and they are able to associate with. Therefore, they are able to identify sound rhythms and tones. However, despite them having the power to sing, it is recommended that they should have the good hearing capability for ease in learning. The method being used to implement this learning style in a group is able to come up with new thoughts and comprehend the functions which are being done in an organization. Good listening ability are essential as they assist in understanding what is being communicated by others and comprehend it and ensure that the team is able to express its self. However, most importantly is being able to memorize which assist someone to recall the communicated information easily when it is required.

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The second learning style is bodily-kinesthetic this is commonly used to people who are busybodies. Such individuals are good at the construction of things. This kind of learning style makes an individual busy, by being busy makes one learn many things and acquire knowledge through sensation as they engage in different activities as much as possible. The hands are used to form something out is the procedure they get in acquaintance via sensation. By engaging the group with a lot of activities they give everybody a chance to be excited about the function, it is also significant to keep the tendency of communication openly no matter if they use phone or e-mail (Hollingsworth, 2001). By having the capability to work with the team, gives room for one to develop the ideas when passing it to other members of the team. For instance, when in a group environment one is able to see how things are being done and learn from it.

The third learning style is the traits of interpersonal. This is the ability to learn through what is being done by others by communicating with the group members either verbally or non-verbally and being able to cooperate within a group. Those who learn through this style are commonly known to be good in creating and the group communication through personal relationships. Therefore, such synergies are important in building up team communication and collaborations and make the team more effective, which in turn increased their bargaining power or the workforce (Hollingsworth, 2001).

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Communication and Collaboration Personality Styles

Hollingsworth, (2001) argued that when diverse personality styles are used together they might conflict or compliment each other. However, when one is communicating with each other one is able to notice the personality of each other first which assist in learning each others strengths and weaknesses, which in turn help in improving communication and collaboration. A group which has a combination of organizers, thinkers and givers is well equipped if they utilize each others strengths to improve on the performance of the team. Thinkers will be helpful in exploiting ideas and potentials, solve problems and participate in the development of systems and modules while organizers would ensure activities of the team are well coordinated as well as cultivate the sense of responsibilities to the team members. Lastly, team members who are givers would honestly provide their ideas for the betterment of the team.


If all members of the team uses the same personality and learning style the team would lack diversity and it would suffer. Therefore, a combination of different learning styles and personality makes the group much better as each learning style and personality brings in different strengths which cumulatively neutralizes any weakness in the group hence making it more effective. However, at times such diversity in personalities and leaning styles would cause conflicts but it would be ease to mitigate such conflicts as it will be much easy to understand characteristics of team members and implement communication and collaboration strategies which would serve all team members.

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