Comparisons, Contrasts and Conclusions

Question: You have left your current job. Now you are working for a company and doing well. Your boss says, “We have just received applications from two of your former colleagues. We are not sure which one we would like to hire. Can you compare them based on your experience as a colleague? Which one do you recommend and why?”


Taking responsibility and recommending someone is not an easy task. You cannot intuit someone else intentions. However, your experience with him/her allows you to evaluate or have an opinion about someone. As the case stated above is self-explanatory of the scenario noted below. In brief, I am in a new job environment and the employer wants me to give my opinion about two new applicants who were my colleagues at my previous office. The scenario insists me to evaluate them by recollecting my previous experience at my previous office with these two applicants.

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My first assessment:

In the process of two applicant’s assessment. I have recollected my memories for the first one. The first applicant was quite close to me and we were together many a time in the previous office. Although, it is difficult to built an opinion about someone on little and purely professional interactions.

But, in fact, he the first applicant is the one whom I have fascinated. The reason of my fascination is he was very hard working and always gets the task done before the deadline. At the same time, he always maintained his personality no matter what were the circumstances. He never took extra stress to occupy himself in the messes. Moreover, he was the punctual and up-to-date person and professional as well. His manager and team members always recognize him for his different and challenging personality.

Therefore, he is the one who not only fascinated me for his working style but also make himself different in his surroundings. These are his plus points which allowed me to assess him first. And, these plus points can easily fascinate anyone else as well.

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My second assessment:

My second assessment for the second applicant once again insists me to recollect my memories of my previous office. When I took the second applicant into consideration, I really found him little lazy. It is a matter of fact that he was dutiful but in a lazy manner. I remember, everyone in his team always push him to complete the work. He was a type of rebel in his team. But, at the same time, everyone enjoys his perfection in the tasks. Yet, he never does mistakes, but he was quite slow that is why everyone wants to peruse and push him to complete work. He maybe likes to do the work with ease or he might wants to realize his value to his fellows or he enjoys laziness.

Nevertheless, whatever the case was, it is the matter of fact that he was a lazy team member. Who actually, always do work but with extreme ease, and it also matters of fact that he was a good and perfect worker. There are some negative points that the second applicant possess and these negative points could create worst scenario for a new employer.

My recommendation:

After a comprehensive denotation about each applicant. The difference can very easily depict through each description. However, as the task is to recommend one of two applicants to my new employer. I personally recommend the first one, and reason behind my recommendation is the applicant’s personal as well as professional character. At the same time, an employer only expects punctuality, professionalism, and up-to-date personality. So, each of employer’s expectation has been possessed by the first applicant, and that is why he is my recommended one as well.


At the end of the treatise, it is better to restate the thesis, taking responsibility and recommending someone is not an easy task. Therefore, one has to be particular to evaluate someone, because his/her recommendation will reflect the credibility of recommending the person. The respected one is the credible.

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