Corruption in US Border Patrol Agency


There is a certain behavior that is expected from every individual in every place. This depends on factors like age, status, situation and other. From these expected behaviors, there are two words that emerge. These are ethics and morality. Studying these two words, the essay has focused on corruption at the US -Mexico border. Ethics is the acceptable code of conduct or behavior in a group of people. It is about defending, systematizing and recommending right or wrong behavior. Morality is a character in an individual that enables him/her to differentiate between right and wrong decisions, intentions and actions.

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Corruption in US Border Patrol Agency

Morality and ethics are two terms, which most people prefer to use interchangeably. However, they are totally different from each other. This is because ethics is about a code of conduct that is expected from a person by outsiders. Therefore, a certain deed can be ethical in a certain place, and yet unethical in another. Therefore, ethics is less universal. On the other hand, morality is a universal term. It represents the ability of an individual to differentiate between right and wrong. Apart from the identification of right and wrong, the individual should be in a position, to be willing to do the right thing. This is what defines a moral individual. Therefore, an individual may be considered unethical, yet their morality cannot be doubted. This is because someone might do something unethical and still have innocent intentions. Therefore, these two words cannot be used interchangeably (Krauss & Pacheco, 2004).

The US-Mexico border is ideal embodiment of the universal cases of morality and ethical behavior. This is because this border is prone to corruption. There were cases of abuse of migrants by the border patrol agents. There were also cases of harboring and smuggling of illegal immigrants into the US. This caused some serious consequences on the people at the stake. Therefore, this amounted to immorality and unethical behavior on the agents’ side.

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Cultural Issues

From a cultural point of view, Mexico has so many individuals interested in crossing the border to the United States without legal documents. This can be explained by the ways of life of both Mexicans and the citizens of the USA. They get involved into these unscrupulous activities because they consider the US to have a thrived economy. Therefore, there are better life chances. In the recent past, there have been cases of so many lives lost and so many people who have been found involved in the evils issues such as human trafficking. When individuals get to Mexico through illegal means they resort to activities criminal activities, and they make the greatest composition of prisoners in the US (Browne, 2001). The lifestyles of the border patrol agents itself promote corruption because there are readily available bribes from Mexicans who are more than willing. When cases of illegal migration occur, the Mexicans form the greatest prison percentage in the United States. This shows that once they are successful to get into the US, they engage in delinquent behavior such as drug trafficking due to poor quality lives. They also make the country’s economy deteriorate because the taxes they pay cannot even be compared to the little amounts that the country occurs to provide them social services.

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Historical Context

Human trafficking occurs in the border because the agents are irresponsible and there is always a loophole for them to conceal their corrupt deeds. In the past, individuals such as Pablo Sergio Barry who was an agent was charged with transporting an illegal migrant, and he did plead guilty of the offence. He was said to have used false documents and statements. Despite the endless efforts by the Border patrol agents, there are still so many guns smuggled from US to Mexico. A minimum of 2000 weapons every day due to arms race between Mexican cartels.

Moral Courage

The individuals involved in the Mexican – US border corruption cases are rich people with some influence in the US government. For instance, the two brothers Raul and Fidel Villarreal involved in a bribery case by Mexicans. The two were border patrol agents and, undoubtedly, had some influence. They were accused of forming a ring that conducted corrupt activities such as human smuggling and money laundering,

Organizational Culture

The illegal migration of Mexicans and the corruption involved is mainly because of the incompetence of the border patrol agents. They are extremely corrupt. Recently, two patrol agents were accused of using the patrol vehicles to allow immigration of Mexicans into the United States. They have been accused of an intention of illegally transporting more than hundreds of individuals for bribery by public officials and being accused of money laundering (Browne, 2001).


Politics have a significant influence on the corrupt state of affairs in this border. It has unending effects. Drug Lord’s from Mexico are tremendously influential. Their target is usually the United States of America. Therefore, they do manipulate politicians so that their endless financial supply continues. Considering the boost to the economy of The United States, it seems a fair deal though it is totally opposite the basic principles of morality.


From the essay above, it is clear that corruption is a reality in the world today. This is shown through the many cases evident in the Mexican – US border. Dire attention is required to solve these issues. The fight against corruption in this area would assuredly ease the tension between the two countries and make life even better. In that case, the two nations would relate better. There anything within the reach of the boundary patrol agents and the US government should be done to rectify this.

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