Culture and Softball

Softball is a game played worldwide especially in the U.S and Japan. It is a direct descendant of baseball with both sports having similar rules. A softball game lasts anywhere from four to nine innings. The number of innings depends on the league, the rules of the game and the type of softball. Seven innings is the most common number. In each type, each team bats until three batters are out from there each team takes turns batting. In most cases, the team that bats first is determined b tossing a coin, though, a league may have a different rule. Another strategy that is commonly used is for the home team batting the second.

In the softball movie, the players in both teams are dedicated and this helps them stay focusssed and committed to the game. From the game, the players show their readiness to do whatever it entails to succeed. Softball is a team sport. The product of the game depends on the team’s performance. The players know each other so well and they are coordinated with one another in the field. The virtue of discipline is also present. Discipline ensures consistency among players. The players do not have cases of being benched off for the rest of the game. Discipline among the players has also enhanced the skills of the players to get stronger and better.

In any game, there are good days and bad days. The good days are the days the team attains victory and the bad days are the days the team loses. The players in this game were positive throughout the game. This provided intense competition between the two teams. The players also seemed to be patient with the game. The manner in which the player demonstrated their skills showed their understanding for the game.

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Japan and U.S are the common players of softball. These countries have a fascinating culture that promotes the game. Japan experiences rapid changes in terms of technology development, shifting fads, and fashion, and economically. Despite the adverse changes, Japan has traditions that date back to thousands of years making it a unique tourist destination. Japan is internationally known for its unique foods. The most common are miso soup, sushi (raw fish), and seafoods. These foods have low volumes of calories and are very health thus ideal for players.

The audiences of the game tell the dressing of the Japanese. Their tradition garment is Kimono. Kimono comes in various styles and sizes. Men wear dark and neutral colors. Women tend to dress in bright colors and pastel. During occasions, most people wear formal kimono. The Japanese put on Formal kimono in layers. This clothing depicts one’s social class and crowns an occasion.

America is famous for its diversity; it consists of people from various countries. The Americans are friendly and informal. At the beginning of the game the teams shared greeting this showed that they are friends whatever the outcome of the game. To Americans, time is a very important commodity. To them, one’s personality and values depend on how one uses time. They consider an individual who is cautious of time as a good person and reliable. In America, people value and price individualism. Americans value their individual accomplishments, initiatives and success and they are not always ready to share out.

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Softball dynamics refers to a group of professionals recruited to teach basic and advanced skills to individuals. Coaching entails understanding the group. Members of the group have different expectations with different commitment levels. Within a group, members ought to share goals and work together to be able to integrate new recruits who will promote the cohesiveness of the group.

Team members rally to achieve a certain goal. It is essential to have effective team dynamics. In the softball game, the players portrayed unity in their game. This is a clear indication that there is effective team dynamics fostering social support. The players have mutual respect and support among the team members enhancing team climates. It also promotes team interactions due to the presence of closer contacts. There is distinctiveness among the players as the teams are united. The team members have a personal desire for the team to accomplish certain values and learn from each other. The members are also willing to share information amongst them.

In summary, the team coach also has a role to play in enhancing harmony within the team. He ought to recognize excellence of the players by rewarding exceptional individual performance. This is through setting realistic objectives so that the players realize their roles and develop commitment. The coach should focus in the success of the players first before looking at the weak areas. This creates a positive atmosphere before the errors of the group can be discussed. Using periodic team meeting in solving group errors is also advantageous. This way the players can engage in an open communication with their leader making it easy to solve issues (PsychologyCampus, 2008). There should be a mechanism to appraise unique personal contributions. This act as motivation to the player, enhancing greater skills and performance. There should be collective identity among the members. This promotes unity, and a feeling of pride and satisfaction among the players.

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