District of Columbia vs. Heller

On June 26, 2008, the court’s opinion was delivered headed by Justice Scalia. This was a case filed by respondent Dick Heller who worked in D. C. and duly authorized by their department to carry his handgun being a member of the special police force. The latter applied to have his handgun registered with the intention to bring his handgun at home wherein the District denied his application which later ended to filing a lawsuit against the District of Columbia on the grounds that it was embodied on the 2nd amendment of the 10 Amendments embodied in the Constitution as approved by the states. To make it more clear, the 2nd Amendment read as follows: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

In my own humble opinion and if given the choice, I prefer to stick to the ideals as provided for by the constitution as a law-abiding citizen rather than go my own way just because my application to carry a handgun was not granted. As a militiaman, Heller should set a living example to the civilians and not defy what has been stipulated in the constitution.

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While the constitutional construction connotes that individuals should keep and bear arms, it must be kept in mind that the government have established a police force and other military forces to protect our country from outside forces and more specifically to maintain peace and order in the locality. Granting that Heller’s place was a high-risk place, then it is the task of the whole police force to eradicate and clean the area. The government has all the capacity and its intelligence so why not utilize them instead of securing your own handgun at home? The situation should be dealt with in a case to case basis because there are unlawful citizens who might take advantage of the situation. The court having upheld a regulation on gun control is a clear indication that safety measures is already taken.

If other individuals will be granted the same privilege as filed by Heller, then the 2nd amendment to the constitution is useless. Many people will take advantage of this situation and may even plan their own revolt to overthrow the government. I am therefore against this bill. It is the right of every citizen to defend his country with powerful guns if needed and it is every man’s moral obligation to defend his own home without a handgun. Good relationship towards your neighbors is the best remedy to maintain peace and order. If you’re a militia man, then it is your duty to report any untoward behaviors of suspicious characters in your area to the police. Practically, you can even kill an animal without using a handgun especially if you’re a well-trained special police officer like Heller.

Summing it all, if you read other public comments about this case as sited by Denning & Reynolds, you will observe that Heller’s intention was more politicized rather than protecting his home.

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