Psych-Educational Group on Psychosis


Medical analysts have an opinion that psychosis is among mental diseases affecting the American population. A psychosis patient can lose touch with reality. The majority of the affected people are usually paranoid about almost everything. Moreover, those with schizophrenia or bipolar disorders have a high chance of contracting the disease. Psychosis can be a result of drug abuse. This, however, is not real psychosis which is realized through observation and interview. In light of this disease, we formed a psycho-educational group with a goal of ensuring that the affected category of people does not suffer stigmatization and that they receive the required health care for eight weeks.

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Psych-Educational Group on Psychosis; Research and Design

The goal for the first week will majorly entail collecting data of people affected by the disease. Since psychosis affects people between the ages of 16 to 30 years, the first step will include gathering information on the number of individuals with the disease in the locality. This will be realized through the hospitals visits to obtain information on the relevance of the disease in the area (Crowley, Rose, Smith, Hobster, & Ansell, 2008). Afterward, it will be upon the members of the group to ensure that each affected person is attended to.

After collection of data, the majority of the work will commence. This shall include educating the entire community on the disease to ensure they do not stigmatize the affected persons (Crowley, Rose, Smith, Hobster, & Ansell, 2008). In the community under research, reconnaissance showed that parents of affected children are embarrassed to take them to school due to their conditions. Part of the objective will be to ensure that every psychotic is given the relevant education instead of being locked in the house due to parental embarrassment. Every member of the group shall be involved in this task. We shall further divide ourselves into subgroups for this task after which at the end of each week, the subgroups shall table their report to the rest of the group (Crowley, Rose, Smith, Hobster, & Ansell, 2008).

The third week and fourth weeks shall be the pivotal parts of our research. These weeks shall include meeting the affected people and their relatives individually. Since both the infected and the affected form part of the psychotic society, research will include the reason why the concerned individuals are embarrassed when the disease affects their relatives (Crowley, Rose, Smith, Hobster, & Ansell, 2008). Research shall also be conducted on the behavioral changes of the psychotic to learn why they suffer rejection from the society in which they habituate. The realization of the objectives shall need perfect teamwork from each of the members. This shall include the formation of subgroups as have been discussed above. Moreover, each member will be required to educate at least three people per day and hence twelve people a week (Calvo et al., 2015). This will help in ensuring that we attend to as many individuals as possible by the end of the eighth week.

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Apart from just educating the society on psychosis, and why they should embrace it like any other disease, the 5th week of our learning objectives shall be studying the behavior of the psychotic what affects them in the environment (Calvo et al., 2015). Part of our learning aims shall also be their characteristics and the symptoms of their disease. Since the disease is gradually growing in America, we shall ensure to research whether the 21st century diets could be part of the reason for their rise. Furthermore, we shall investigate whether it should be classified as a lifestyle disease (Calvo et al., 2015).

For these objectives to be realized there has to be structured activities to be involved. Making the society feel involved shall be the best way of ensuring the research shall be effective (Calvo et al., 2015). The best way of ensuring such involvement is organizing activities which the society shall participate in. This shall be conducted during the entire sixth week. The first activity shall be giving out questionnaires to the people with pre-asked questions on various aspects of psychosis (Crowley, Rose, Smith, Hobster, & Ansell, 2008). Of interest to us shall be the reaction of the people when a psychotic is born in their home. According to the group, this shall be the best way of learning how people view both psychosis and the psychotic.

A disease does not only affect the person bearing it. In most cases, there are those who are affected though remotely (Calvo et al., 2015). During the sixth week, our research shall delve into two categories of people. The first category shall include those who are not psychotics and those who are not anywhere related to the psychotics. We shall study how they view psychotics and their relatives and how they relate to them. A questionnaire shall be issued to this category of people with the interest in understanding how they see them. The essence of this study shall be to understand how the environment in which they are (American Psychiatric Publishing ).


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To achieve this, members of the group have to ensure that they come up with a way of explaining to the people what exactly the disease entails. Most of those who have never encountered the disease in one way or another do not have an idea of what the disease is. If it is for the first time, it becomes a cultural shock where they do not know how to handle the situation.

Interesting to note, there are cases of psychosis which may appear at an early age of eight to ten years (American Psychiatric Publishing ). The parent or the guardian, however, does not notice the disease until the child attains the age of maturity. This is because the majority of the parents do not understand the essence of regular child checkup so the disease could be realized and treated at an early age (American Psychiatric Publishing ). The comrehension of the reality that a son or daughter is or has been affected by the disease is one thing that most parents refuse (American Psychiatric Publishing ). Since the majority of the persons hit by the disease are between the ages of 16 to 30, it is evident that those falling within this range and are affected may not know how to deal with it. Part of the objective for the same week shall be studying how the psychotic relatives deal with the situation. Hospitals in the area indicate that affected people rarely visit hospitals.

During the seventh week, the study shall concentrate on the day-to-day lifestyle of the psychotics (Lefley, 2009). A survey conducted by the medicals state that majority of the people who are psychotics do not meet the health standards required for these particular people. The main reason for this could be that they do not know the way to care for the affected. Research during this period shall seek to explore exactly how such persons are treated and whether they have an awareness of how to deal with the disease (Lefley, 2009).

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Finally, the last week shall majorly constitute finalizing and tabulating the findings as one. However, before that, a little research shall be conducted about the future of the disease in the society. Most people in the society do not have an idea of what the disease is and hence, do not foresee being affected by it either directly or indirectly (Lefley, 2009). For this objective to be achieved, the group has to conduct a study of the awareness of the disease first and then on its knowledge by the people again. This will ensure that data is collected from the individuals with illness and those who are aware of it and those who are not. After this, the group shall be dissolved after the entire research is done (Brown, 2011).

Stigmatization is one of the studies that we shall employ during this week, too, for one of the social effects of any disease is stigmatization (Brown, 2011). This disease is not an exemption either. After taking the data of the people with the disease against the total population, studying the perception of these people will also help us in gauging the percentage of stigmatization in the area.

For the group to be dismissed, a strategy that is efficient and beneficial to the group has to be employed (Brown, 2011). To begin, the group shall meet after the final session to discuss their findings and the valuable lessons each one of them has learned. Secondly, a report shall be written after being discussed by each member of the group. Since psychotics were the subjects of the research, the group shall not be closed without educating the affected persons both directly and indirectly interested on the importance of viewing the disease like any other ordinary disease (Brown, 2011). The group shall then be closed after the report has been the finalized after the subgroups have each brought their report which has been approved by the whole group, and a report written by the group as a whole.

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As I settle on the issue, psychosis is one of the little known mental diseases in the country affecting a large population (Brown, 2011). Part of the reason for the study of psychosis is that it is one of the diseases that has been entombed by many and which people are still suffering from. Most individuals in the population have no idea of the condition in such a manner that when it comes they do not have an idea of how to deal with it (Brown, 2011).

Apart from just carrying out research on the disease, the psycho-education shall ensure that awareness on the condition is created. Stigmatization, which according to research is a major social problem, is causing division among members of the society. Most of those affected change schools to avoid the embarrassment they get (Brown, 2011).


In conclusion, the primary aim of the group shall be to ensure that our objectives as set out in the report are achieved according to the steps outlined. The team members shall ensure the objectives are followed with modifications whenever necessary. Fighting the social disadvantages shall be the primary purpose of the group. This is depicted by the whole gist of the objectives as have been outlined. Finally, the team shall ensure that the goals of the group are achieved. The report drafted by the group shall synthesize the whole aims of the group. Psychosis is a disease similar to any other illness, and that is what the study seeks to elucidate.

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