Endangered Species Act

Should the Endangered Species be Protected if Such Protection Causes Unemployment and is Perceived to be Bad for the Economy? Yes. This is because the benefits of the endangered species to human beings far outweigh the need to protect jobs and economies. I do not agree with the argument that we should not protect these species because they cause unemployment. Wildlife animals, for example, are a source of foreign exchange for several countries, providing to only income to those countries, but also millions of jobs to people placed in charge of caring for the species. In addition, the endangered forests are a source of rainfall, medicine, fruits etc. Endangered plants and animals also provide humans with a health ecosystem, regulating temperature, purifying air, and providing clean water. All these benefits cannot be ignored by the people who respect and value the natural environment.

The effects of not protecting the endangered species such as forests which are a great source of rainfall are already being felt globally. Due to the deforestation, numerous areas which were previously forests are lying bare without trees. This has not only destroyed the wildlife habitat but has also contributed to climate change. People are experiencing extreme temperature changes from excessive floods to longer dry seasons and this has negatively impacted on agriculture. Farmers all over the world are crying fowl over the poor yields because of lack of rainfall. Everybody needs food to survive and continued destruction of the endangered species will result in starvation of all mankind. I am certain that even those who prefer saving their jobs and economies at the expense of endangered species, would not be willing to work on an empty stomach.

In addition, from the biblical perspective, God gave mankind the world and everything in it, including plants and animals to use and enjoy for their benefit. This is the more reason why protecting the natural environment is very important if we still intend to use them for our enjoyment. All the above reasons point out to the fact that endangered species protection should be a priority of every individual who cares about his environment.

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E.O. Wilson’s Insights on Biodiversity

Biodiversity refers to all genetic variations at every level of an organization, from genes of single species locally, to communities making the wider global ecosystem. According to Wilson, biodiversity faces the threat of extinction due to humans who are continually harvesting numerous plants and animals at a rate faster than the endangered species can maintain themselves. He said that biodiversity loss is a complex and irreversible problem that is bound to affect everybody negatively if action is not taken urgently to rescue the entire ecosystem.

Paul Taylor is a strong defender of the protection of biodiversity and he argues that human conduct with regard to the natural environment should not be grounded on human interest and needs, but on the fact that all living things have inherent value and therefore deserve our moral respect and concern (respect of nature). For instance, people should not protect the endangered wildlife species merely because of the benefits we get from them such as a gene pool for developing new methods of guarding humans against diseases, or climate regulation, or provision of clean water. Instead, we should view the endangered species as members of the earth’s community of life and accord them our respect because of their inherent value. According to Taylor, wild living things have the value that belongs to them by their very nature and it is this inherent value that makes it wrong for endangered wildlife species to be treated just as a means to human ends. Therefore, the wildlife should be accorded the respect they deserve, just as we treat our fellow human beings by protecting them. In conclusion, protection of the natural environment is a responsibility that everybody should take seriously if we are to save our planet, Earth.

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