Epidemiology of Aging

Notably, epidemiology allows scientists to study and analyze the factors and distribution patterns of public health issues in specific populations. It helps governments to make critical policy decisions by providing data on risk factors for diseases. The aging population is one of the targeted communities in epidemiology as researchers study disability, geriatric syndromes, and other issues faced by older people (Elsoe, Ceccotti, and Larsen 195). The Center on Aging and Health (COAH) at John Hopkins focuses on undertaking aging research and providing healthcare solutions to the aging population. I participated in a public health exercise at the center to study biostatistics and epidemiology of the aging population. The exercise provided an exciting experience and highlighted the role of the models of the social-ecological model in public activities.

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First, the activity highlighted some of the challenges the older population experience due to cognitive decline associated with their age. The participants learned some of the signs of cognitive decline and how to handle older people who experience the same. Besides, the center provided vital lessons on the brain health of the older population. Therefore, COAH’s goal of enhancing the public health of the aging population was achieved during the exercise.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the experience focused on the multiple levels of the Social Ecological model. The activity reached multiple levels by educating the community on the various health challenges that the aging population experience. The levels were an effective choice since the older population lives and interacts with community members daily (Klimova, Valis and Kuca 903). Besides, the multiple levels allowed COAH to achieve its objective of involving the broader community in enhancing older people’s health. Consequently, the Social Ecological model helps identify the multiple levels of engagement in the public health experience.

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In conclusion, the epidemiology of aging is a critical area of research as it identifies the risk factors and distribution of health issues affecting the aging population. The public health activity undertaken at COAH helped to enlighten the participants on the brain health of older people and how to identify signs of cognitive decline. Besides, the experience focused on the multiple levels of the Social Ecological model, which allowed them to reach a wider community. Therefore, more resources should be dedicated to the study of the epidemiology of aging.

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