Like any typical high school student, my life at this particular stage was full of intrigues and adventures. Almost every occurrence depicted some form of dramatic characteristics and these experiences would either make or ruin any given day. It is important to note that the context of events, especially as embodied in my youthful age, became the determinant of most of my actions. As a teenager, struggling with issues of self-declaration, self-esteem, and other relative aspects was a common thing. This emanated from previous ages that were characterized by the attainment of puberty. It is a period that enhanced the need to act differently as one sought to establish an identity. All over a sudden, one finds the need to become an autonomous individual. In most cases, it results to rebellion and the formation of opinions (which are largely uninformed but nevertheless hold).

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I remember my relentless pursuit of all-round perfection. I felt the need to become to become an excellent academician, sportsman and also stand out in the high school social scene. I always struggled to attain perfection in academics, but it became relatively difficult. As the struggle continued, most things did not work out as intended, but I kept the faith and could envision a better day. I sought divine intervention and a friendship ensued between me and the school chaplain. Our friendship was facilitated by his deep and philosophical sermons that always left me wondering if I could ever reach his heights in terms of knowledge. Apparently, my search for perfection had taken a religious turn as evidenced by the new relationship with the chaplain.

I may comfortably contend that I stood out amongst other students at school, since I failed to embrace their secular worldviews. Simply put, I was a liberated spirit and viewed all worldly pleasures as vanity. To some extent, I was an introvert. I refused to be defined by what I wear and I was somewhat afraid of being ostracized. However, the school chaplain was proud of me for taking a different approach towards life. Our bond grew more and more positive due to the common ground that we had taken. At that point in time, I was a strong young man obsessed with religious perfection and the ambitions of emulating the school chaplain. One of his biggest teachings touched on treating everyone equally regardless of the circumstances that outlined any situation. It was evident that “other” men were vulnerable to the aspect of treating others unkindly. I was not one of them and I could defend my behavioral records at any given time. The chaplain warned me of affirming to this ideal and he suggested that I should, instead, seek divine assistance in my quest. On my side, I could comfortably state that my records on decency, humanity, philanthropy and other relative aspects were adorable. I became obsessed with these events and sometimes I realized too late that the issue of pride could be spotted in my character. This trend in behavioral changes continued for quite a long time and I became assured that big things were on the way. A perfect explanation of my supposed perfection was imminent and I always held this feeling dearly. It would be a great time for proving to the world that my aspirations would not end up in vain.

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In a bid to exemplify my humane approach towards others, I felt that it was important for my family members to have a share of my school experiences. The holidays were approaching and it was obvious that I was going to spend more time with my family. My family members would not only benefit from my renewed character, but also from sermons delivered by the preacher. I organized for the preachers visit during the holidays in order to reinforce this chain of good deeds as embodied in perfection. The preacher was supposed to visit my home in a period of two days in order to extend his services to my family members. It was an opportunity for them to experience the things that I underwent at school.

The first day of the week came and it was scheduled for this great visit. Everybody woke up early to prepare for the great preacher’s visit. His time of arrival was not clarified, but everybody expected that he would arrive at midday. Food and all other necessities were prepared on time and everybody anticipated for this great day. It was also evident that the great high school preacher would prepare a breathtaking and educating sermon as he had always done. Our family was also honored by this visit as evidenced by everybody’s reactions towards the same. Everything was ready and we all waited anxiously for the preacher’s arrival. Every knock at the door was received with great expectations as several visitors were ushered in and left after fulfilling the purpose of their visits. Most visitors on this day were immediate neighbors who were welcomed into the house and they left afterwards. The preacher never showed up during the day and darkness was slowly creeping in. Interestingly, this day had received many guests than any other day, but the preacher was nowhere to be found. All types of visitors had previously arrived including a dirty and raggedly dressed old man who caused chaos at the door. I had to chase him away due to the frustrations of not being honored by my special guest on that day. The preacher never came and I never got to hear from him. After the holidays I confronted him in a bid to get an explanation about his actions. He replied that perfection was not easily achieved, especially in the absence of divine intervention. In other words, diverse situations can alter our inner beliefs without our knowledge. I insisted on getting an explanation as to why he never showed up. He told me that he was the old dirty man that I had chased from our home on that fateful day. Reactions that followed were mainly apologetic and embarrassing, but a lesson had surely been learnt. Appearance is not reality. This was a profound life teaching during my formative years.

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