All over the world, examinations in any education system are regarded important and as a prerequisite for students to advance to the next level. In the People’s Republic of China, students must pass an examination conducted in all the country, to allow them to enter in higher level education institutions. The examination referred to as Gaokao is also known as National College Entrance Examination and is conducted annually for every student that has passed through senior high school. This system is regarded as an opportunity to get to the next educational level and it provides a degree as the only key to securing a better job and income for the future. The Gaokao examination in China is full of brutal and harsh experience to the students and should, therefore, be burned from the test system in the Republic of China. This research project seeks to argue and support the claim that Gaokao is inappropriate for the examination system in the country and the students in general, the main audience being the education sector and officials in China.

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Problems That Gaokao Involve

Gaokao in China is considered as a one-shot opportunity making it difficult for any student to miss, despite any situation that they may be in. However, the studies show that the rate of suicide in the country has always been reported to rise soon before the exam period and also after the results (Gong, 2014). The examinations in the hospital have shown that during the examination, the blood pressure of the students increase. In order to reduce such incidences, many criticizers in the Republic of China and the rest of the world have raised their concerns and argue to enable the country terminate the examination or rather make adjustments and improvements on the same, in order to decrease the levels of suicides and coincidental deaths among the teenage students (Gong, 2014). Due to the involved tension and pressure caused by Gaokao, it becomes easy to understand why students together with their families remain worried and terrified by the examination at the end of every year.

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Teaching Side

Teachers and tutors in China find themselves under a lot of stress in the process of trying to get their students pass the Gaokao examination and get admissions into the higher education institutions. Education researchers suggest that a lot of time is spent by the teachers, giving their students several exams as a practice, rather than teaching them and providing them with the knowledge they require as students (Hsu & Wu, 2014). Also, the students focus their attention on mastering the major concepts tested for the sake of the examination, without really getting to learn the whole concept as they are supposed to. This leads to the decline of their critical thinking and the problem-solving ability. At the end of the examination, the students may pass the test, but the system will have churned out robotic students. They will have abilities to pass tests that have been standardized and follow instructions, but their creativity and innovation will always remain significantly poor (Hsu & Wu, 2014). Following the state of the students, while being recruited into the university, they find it difficult to advance their careers in future since what they were used to in high school differentiates with time as they advance.

Examination Itself

The Gaokao examination requires the students to segregate the subjects while in high school to undertake various tests at the end of it. The students are required to choose between the social and natural sciences. Studies show that these students are made to choose among the subjects being at their very tender ages. Once they make decisions while in school, they are required to pursue the subjects up to the end without any changes (Liu, 2016). This has been seen to limit their academic and potential interests while at school as it forces them to make decisions at their young ages that will affect the rest of their lives. The case has been reported to affect the students in their future years, as they were made to decide their lines of careers without any knowledge of what they want to do in their future lives (Liu, 2016).

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The Gaokao examination is a special and critical moment for the teenagers all over the Republic of China. The examinations occur only once in a year and failure of participating by the students or failing the tests demand that they repeat a whole year in high school. The examination is full of strict and harsh experiences, a fact that has led to rise in concerns about the same. Since the examination has tagged along a lot of pressure to the students and their families altogether, as seen in the research, the Republic of China is urged to terminate the examination and improve the education system in the country.

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