Gender Role Affects Family Unit


Currently, there are families that, for whatever reasons have seen that need to alter the gender role. Unlike in the past when the traditional woman was only delegated to perform domestic duties and stay at home while men go hunt is long gone and left in the past. In the modern society, things have changed and women have the responsibility of both taking care of the kids and working as well to ensure that the family is sustainable. Gone are the days when men used to go work and bring home the bacon. In the meantime women could stay at home: cooking, cleaning and attending to kids. Things have really changed for the better. If further scrutinized properly, in the present practices of various communities, the household gender role can go either way.

Aaron, Devor. (1997) asserts that many households presently, which fall under this subject, do not have problems with gender role reversal. More times than not, this reversal of the responsibilities contribute positively in the family setting as it helps in creating a more establish bond between the partners and the family at large. In so doing, the family is also strengthened as a unit. For centuries, people have always thought that it is the responsibility of the mother to cook, clean, sew and take care of the children. Nonetheless, in the modern society, we have come to realize that there is nothing wrong if the roles as practiced in the past are changed. However, if we look at the cost of daycare services which have escalated, then it is important that one parent be left at home to take care of the children in order to cut down on expenditures.

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On the other hand it is true that we are in the 21st century and a lot of things have really changed. It is of the couples benefit, but it is important to note that world is changing at a high pace and becoming a digital world, where people prefer the use of computers as means of doing things. But findings have it that women are more vulnerable to these changes and many older men do not have patience to venture into and acquire technological know-how. Women are likely to learn these new things and stand better chances of getting employed and earn so much from this as compared to male counterpart (Aaron, Devor,1997).

Therefore, it is important in most instances that female be given the opportunity to learn and work while men stay at home with the kids, as this can also be considered as part of learning new things in taking care of the kids. It is then contradictory that men are not capable of taking care of their children, maybe. But according to me I believe that many men are just as nurturing as women are. However, taken into account that this is a family unit, there is the need to sustain the bond created in the family unit and keep in cost efficient.

Aaron, Devor. (1997) elaborates that gender role can be simplified further as one of the parents getting home early and doing what is necessary. There are various changes that have taken place concerning many aspects that are related to gender and the lifestyle. Yet there is an area that needs to be addressed in relation to gender roles such as the patriarchal working woman. The class society has a greater role to play in the general societal setting and also have significant impacts on duties carried out by women. There are also theories that help in explaining the relationship of the construction of gender.


Generally, there is the great role in our society that is played feminism. The role played by a woman, the employment strategies, or even home-caring strategies does not matter: we still live in a male domineering world. Finally, it is evident that gender role greatly affect both the family unit and the society in general.

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