Gesture Recognition


Gesture recognition is a current topic in the field of language technology and computer science with the aim of successfully interpreting different forms of human gestures through mathematical algorithms. Gestures usually originate from bodily motion or states, but commonly originate from the hand or face. Current focuses in gesture recognition include emotion recognition from the human hand and face (Ahuja & Yang 36). In this paper, we will explore the significance of gesture recognition in information technological business world in relation to security or military services, and future developments in gesture recognition techniques.

Significance of Gesture Recognition Today

From a sociological and biological perspective, gestures are not fully defined. However, people use them to communicate and interact freely. The uniqueness of human gestures presents an opportunity to the word of biometrics, safety and military applications. Gesture recognition systems have been designed to detect specific attributes and emotions attached to a given individual (Miller 56). The fact that human beings consistently use similar gestures for a given set of commands presents another opportunity to this field. The new idea is to come up with systems capable of using both dynamic and static gesture components. Gesture recognition helps establish the sex, behavior, and movement of a person (Ahuja & Yang 47). This can be quantified to determine the intentions of a person thereby making it possible to detect whether he or she is posing any security threat. This is why the use of gestures has become significant today.

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Through the use of sign language, it is possible to detect any movement using gesture recognition devices after which any suspected intrusion can be signaled to the security details or response teams. Modern scientists are keen to explore new approaches to recognize human behavior, gaits, proxemics and posture. This can make it possible to distinguish someone with bad intentions. As well, the systems do not require mechanical devices attached to the person as it used to be the case with the majority of the biometric systems (Chan 42). The increased speed of image processing and gesture capture, therefore, posses a new advantage in security and military purposes.

In security technology, the use of gestures can help to monitor static or dynamic motions after which the retrievable information is captured and stored. This information can, therefore, be used for security purposes. For example, the common use of gestures in capturing facial expressions is used airports and social gatherings as a way of promoting security. Modern gesture application is a new breakthrough aimed at applying similar approaches, but without any physical contacts with the systems (Chan 65). This approach has therefore been found very effective. There is also increasing number of security contractors who use kinesics during gesture capturing. Basically, gesture system technology systems are designed such that they can capture the intended gesture for security purposes.

The coming years appears very bright for the use of gesture recognition systems to improve security. The increasing technological developments present different abilities such as tracking people’s movements. Research is also conducted in video/image based on the recognition system. The modern 3D cameras also make it possible to represent any scene from all dimensions (Miller 34). Software developers are also busy trying to come up with new products in order to improve the usability of these systems and adopt them for other purposes and disciplines such as physics and medicine. As well, security and military services will also be improved in the coming years through the use of gesture recognition systems. Other studies are being conducted to install the systems as billboards to promote security.


By using the above techniques, surveillance and video capturing techniques can be improved thereby making it possible to improve security. The use of gesture recognition systems has practical significant and applicability in different fields such as military and security purposes. With improved technologies, the systems can present a 98 percent accuracy thereby making it possible to improve security. Point referencing is another way gesture recognition can be put into proper use, especially in the military practice. This makes it possible to reference a given target or location. Therefore we should agree that the use of gesture recognition devices is promising in promoting security, business processes and advancing military operations.

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