Homeopathy for Insomnia Treatment

Restless sleep and insomnia can be the proof of severe psychological and physiological shifts in organism since such shifts are related to anxiety, depression, and stress. The symptoms of insomnia are known to many people all over the world; from year to year, their number increases proportionally due to the disturbed life style, busy schedule at work, or common daily routine. In many cases, people suffering from the lack of sleep also experience the accompanying effects of the heart problems or difficulties in breathing. This paper is focused on the nursing care that is effective with use of the homeopathy remedies that are free from chemicals and that provide the required effect for the relief of insomnia symptoms.

Many contemporary researches are devoted to the problem of insomnia and restless sleep. Insomnia I defined as “a form of chronic sleep problem of public health importance which impacts the life of elderly people negatively” (Ogunbode, Adebusoye, Olowookere, Owolabi, & Ogunniyi, 2014, p. 2). In the majority of cases, the problem of insomnia is linked to the unhealthy life style modified by drugs, alcohol, insufficient movement, overeating, etc. However, in some cases, insomnia may be related to the troubles with socialization. For instance, many people may have a negative way of thinking formulated by their mind towards some people, being worried of opinion of others, or just being anxious because of the problems they have in their personal life or business.

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The solution to this problem can be found based on the current research articles in medicine. Homeopathy and psychological training can be of great effect for those who want to get rid of insomnia. Particularly, Ackerley, Badre, and Olausson (2015) justify that if the patients used the “weighted blanket, they had a calmer night’s sleep, with a decrease in movements” (p. 1027). In the opinion of the researchers, this effect of the weighted blanket on the improved sleep is caused by the positive impact of the tactile feelings on human body (Ackerley, Badre, & Olausson, 2015). Therefore, a “weighted blanket may aid in reducing insomnia through increased tactile and proprioceptive inputs, may provide an innovative, nonpharmacological approach and complementary tool to improve sleep quality” (Ackerley, Badre, & Olausson, 2015, p. 1027). As an alternative and the supportive remedy to the homeopathy remedies, this way of treatment may have a huge effect on the general state of health. In contrast, Cerolini, Ballesio, and Lombardo (2015) suggest that “emotion regulation may mediate the effect of insomnia symptoms on different psychosocial outcomes” (p. 1). The relative connections between the emotional state of health of patients and their sleep are dependable values; therefore, the authors of the article can contribute to the research base of anxiety disorders.

Some researchers agree that anxiety and restless sleep may be cured with the realization of the problem and setting the mind of patients around the set of the cognitive behavior treatment for insomnia (CBTI). This point of view is supported by Conroy et al. (2015) who suggest that “CBTI is the first line treatment for insomnia and is now well validated as being effective in the short and long term” (p. 1). The supportive medical education on this matter must be used throughout the treatment process as related to insomnia. Bergdahl et al. (2016) agree that the CBTI is a good method of insomnia treatment; however, it is even better to be used with the method of auricular acupuncture (AA). The researchers have provided an experimental study with the participants aged 60.5 years to discover the “treatment effects of AA with CBT-i and evaluate symptoms of insomnia severity, anxiety, and depression” (Bergdahl et al., 2016, p. 9). As a result, they have found out that insomnia treatment methods of AA and CBTI should be used complementary for the better effect, but they should not be used as stand-alone way of curing.

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The supporters of homeopathy medicine emphasize the great role of the naturally based medications designed to empower and stimulate the natural resources of human organism to activate restful sleep. For instance, the remedy finder at the web-resource www.abchomeopathy.com has allowed to find out that there is a good suitable homeopathy remedy for the insomnia and restless sleep treatment – Boiron Quietude. This drug is regulated by FDA and recommended by medical experts because of its advantages. It does not cause grogginess; it has no side effects and no habit forming; it is a 100% natural remedy (“Quietude® Availability”, n.d.). The sleep aid medication is manufactured by the world leader in the homeopathy supplies – Boiron. Therefore, it helps to treat insomnia, occasional awakening, and restless sleep.

Boiron Quietude was practically used for the treatment of insomnia for the elder family members. For instance, 1-2 tablets of the sleep aid were prescribed each day to be taken half an hour before going to bed. The effect was reached right in the first day of the treatment schedule. The patients went asleep after 15-20 minutes after taking Boiron Quietude. Then, this remedy’s successful experience was applied to the members of another family who agreed to participate in this medical experiment voluntarily. They were ready to take Boiron Quietude during one month. The cost of 60 tablets was calculated in the range of about 9 dollars. This amount of the sleep aid was sufficient for the one person for the one-month use.

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The effectiveness of Combi-42 Boiron Quietude was proved in one-month use by four persons from two families. They used this remedy within the sufficient period to justify the effectiveness of the medication. Although the specification of the remedy formula is kept a secret, it has appeared to be useful for all family members regardless of the age and allergy reactions. The remedy is hypoallergenic, so it cannot cause any harm to the patients. The secret of homeopathy is that the medication turns out to be effective with no side effects on body. In contrast, chemical components could cause side effects on other body systems, causing harm to the human organism.

The use of homeopathy medications is beneficial since their remedy formula is based on the herbal components. This makes them useful for patients who do not want to use chemicals or feel side effects. The experience with the use of Boiron Quietude by four patients in two families has showed the importance of herbal-based treatment as the natural way to relieve the state of health of the patients who have restless sleep or insomnia. The remedy helps to relieve the symptoms of anxiety during sleep and prevent occasional awakening. The group of the patients who used this homeopathy remedy felt great relief after just one month of the treatment. Furthermore, they even managed to reduce their stressful life by means of this medication. After one month of treatment, patients felt that they could even get to sleep without Boiron Quietude, so they stopped taking it. The experiment lasted for one more month, and after this, the patients were able to fall asleep on their own, even without any other ways of treatment. This proved the effect of Boiron Quietude as the remedy of the effective impact on the psychological and physiological system of the human body. The physician checked the state of health of the patients once more, and they had no complaints about the sleeping disorder. Reversely, they reported that their sleep habit had improved after taking the homeopathic medication. Therefore, the effectiveness of Boiron Quietude was proved both theoretically and practically.

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Summing up, one can state that the homeopathic treatment of insomnia is effective since the natural components help to relieve anxiety and restless sleep, maximizing the calmness with the accessible methods of homeopathy. Based on the usage of Boiron Quietude by four family members, it has been found out that the homeopathically effective remedy helps to improve the sleep habit within the short period of time.

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